The Damahana Temple : A place of serenity and solitude

Wimalabuddhi Monk

Damahana, is a place known to have produced thousands of devout monks. Even the name ‘Damahana’ brings to fore a meaning depicting the temple and a monk. The temple has its origin in ‘Kottimulwela Watte’, a land adjacent to the present location of the temple. Ruins of a Bodhiya, a Shrine, and a temple are still evident on this property.
Today the Temple stands in the midst of the Damahana village, 6 kilo meters from Balangoda town, on the way to Weligepola, facing the main road. In 1950 the temple was given its name Sri Jinendraramaya. The Sri Muchalindraramaya temple of Mahawalatenna is the headquarters of the Damahana temple. It belongs to the Rassagala sector of the Amarapura Siridamma Chapter.

The first prelate of the temple was Chief Sanga Nayake Helapalle Kirimatitenna Wimalawanse Thero followed by Rev. Atawakwela Ariyawanse. Accordingly many priests belonging to the Mahawelatenna tradition served at this temple. 

The incumbent chief priest is Rev. Balangoda Wimalabuddhi Thero. He has worked hard to develop the temple to bring it to its present standards. As a result of his meritorious efforts the temple now has a new Shrine, a Bell tower and a fleet of steps leading to the main entrance. The preaching (bana) hall is currently being renovated.

The Sri Jinendraramaya Daham pasala (Sunday school) stands out as an epitome of spiritual wellbeing for the people of Damahana.

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