Let’s see the talents and competencies of Tharindu



                Tharindu Udayanga

         K.V.Tharindu Udayanga Premarathna who is a students at R/Damahana M.V.
         He studies in Grade 13 Art section.His father is Mr.K.V.Premarathna
         and mother is Mrs.H.W.Pushpa Ranjani. He has two sisters. They are
         K.V.Gagani Premarathna in grade 9 and K.V.Nayani Udeshika in grade 6.
         He studied up to grade 6 at R/Mahawalathenna Vidyalaya and came to
         thin school to learn Music. He leant Music and a subject and learn to
         play “Tabla” as a musical instrument.


         He has won many awards through
         his talents.He won the 1st place in All Island Music and Drama
         (Zonal Level) competition under “Tabla” playing in 2003 and 2004.
         And the also won the 3rd place in All Island Music and Drama
        (Province Level) competition under “Tabla” playing in 2003and 2004. 
          He has completed his Diploma in music from Bhathkhande Sangeeth
         Vidyapith in Laknow in 2006.He is eagerly getting ready to sit for
        the A/L examination in the year 2008.In addition to that he acts on a
        vise prefect of his school. His e-mail address is tharinduudayanga@gmail.com
        His ambition is to be a good musician one day. We wish him for a fruitful
        future through courage and effort overcoming all the difficulties.

         presented by: Wasana Nilmini
                               R/ Damahana M.V

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