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  There  are  a  lot  of  mountains  in  the  world.   The  highest  mountain
 in  the  world  is  Everest.  The  wightst  mountain  in  sri  lanka  is  piduruthalagala.
  It  is  about    2758 meters  high.  Samanala  higiral  pottha.   Bambarakanda  are  some
  of  the  mountains  in  sri  lanka.  Samanala  kanda  is  secret  mountain.  It  is  very
  famous  among  Buddhist  at  the  sometime  there  are  mountain  ranges  in  sri  lanka
  In  hill  country  a  lot  of   mountain  ranges    at  the  top  of  the  mountain  in 
Beragala.  We  can   see  a  beautiful  sceneries.  There  is  a  range  of  mountain 
around  our  village.

Presented By:- Thrindu Lakshan
                R/ Damahana M.V.

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Sinharaja Forest

      The local name of the sinharaja forest is sinharaja Adaviya which means the forest
of the lion’s king. The legend tells us this vast forest was once a kingdom of the lions. This forest situated in the
south western section of Island.
                          Sinharaja is a tropical rain forest considerable size of Sri Lanka it is about 9000 hectares in extent.
                   Sinharaja forest contains many rivers and streams it is also contains    large humbler of plants us
for Ayurvedic medicine it is also home of the many rare birds, animals and insects found nowhere else of the
world in addition 60% trees of the forest are endemic to Sri Lanka of the forest.
             Sinharaja forest eagerly protected   by Government there for no one cut down trees or destroys the
forest this is truly a national treasure.
             Written by Sepalika udayangi
                                 R/Damahana Maha Vidyalaya

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Located in Hatton, Lakshapana fall    which in 126  Metres  in  height,  springs  from  Maskeliya  Oya , a River  which  begins  its  journey  from  Adam’s  peak or  ‘Mt.Samanala. ‘According  to  Sinhalese  folklore, Maskeliya  Oya  Originates  at  the  ‘lndikatupaana,  on The top of Adam’s peak.                                 There are two theories as how the  Water fall  got  its  name.  One is that  since it  cascades Over a vast  number  of  rocks, it  was  called. ‘Laksha’ Which  means  a  hundred  thous  and  Pahana  which  Means rock.                                 The  second  theory  is  that  the  name  Lakshapana  was  derived  from  ‘Lassana  pahana’  which Means Beautiful Lamp.                                  Today, Lakshapana  falls  lives  up  to  its  name  with  regard  to  the  second  theory  because  it  Powers  Sri  Lanka’s  first  hydro  power  plant,  generating  electricity  and  thereby  providing  light  to  over  a  hundred  t housand  homes.     Written by:-  M.E Dileeka chandani                                                                                            

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