Yale National Park.

wasgamuwa-national-park1.jpgThere are many interesting places in Sri Lanka.Yala national park is one of them. It is home of all animals.
It is situated in south area in province in Hambantota district. It’s about 1360 square kilometers extent.
It’s in low lands. There for climate hot and dry  . but this area get north west monsoon rains from November
 to January and inter monsoonal rains in come in march & April.
                 1.jpg A part from that this area provides water Manik Ganga. As well as in tanks and natural water
holes hold water. We can see extensive grass lands surrounding the tanks and water in this natural park are
living elephants, leopards, many species, of deer. The samburs ,the dog deer grey monkeys, reptiles,  beautiful
tortoise etc.
                      monara.jpg  Not only that there are many valuable trees and creepers in Yala National Park. many tourists
come to see Yala National park. Protecting this is a our human rights

                            Written by –Dulari Harshika
                                               R/Damahana M.V.

                                e-mail- dularimuhandiram@gmail.com 

         Our URL: www.oasisdamahana.org                     

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    frodo441 said,

    usually when I get my nature conservancy news it’s from entities preserving habitat that is endangered…from the short description the lay of the land…you must be fortunate to live their…but should you feel the need…contact the “nature conservancy” in North America…I’m sure they could help…

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