In 1876 the village like  Mawela and Mahawelatenna were in jungle. This area was sparsely populated.
During this time a Buddhist priest by name of Naginne Sumanatissa started  his priesthood  here  and
lived in a small  cadjan shed. This was published in the Dinamana News paper by a reported named
Keerthi Chandra.This pious priest inaugurated this Mawela temple.Mr.david Mahawelatenna,who lived
 at  Mahawalatenna was a good friend of this priest.
      This friendship helped in the development of the temple. Later Rev. Devagoda Dewananda thero
did great service for the development of the Temple.A temple ,a well for obtaining of water ,and a
Dhanashalawa (a hall for partaking of meals)was built with the help of Mr.Samuel David Mahawalatenna
 ,the Ratemahalmaya. The death of Rev-Devananda Thero in 1918 is also said to be a miracle.Later the
 High Priest of this Temple was Wikiravita sri Piyatissa Thero who got his higher ordination  from Burma.
He did immense service for the development of the Temple.Rev-Opanayake Gnanda Thero is also a
participant of the precent development.
         The five important items that should be in a temple namely Sangha Wasa,Viharageya Chaithiya
pohoyageya, and Bo-Tree to day.the chief incumbent Rev-Vikiravita Thero helped in a big way for the
 present development.Presently important constructions in the Temple are,

img_0103.jpg  The old Shrine Room
The Shrine Room on the Rock
img_0105.jpg   The Chaithiya
img_0104.jpg04 The Bo – Tree

 img_0108.jpg       .Pohoya-Geya06The Relic Room
The old preaching Hall
img_0106.jpg       Sanghawasa
img_0107.jpgDhana Shalawa

The success to Rev.Vikiravita Thero was Hatangala Pannasena.We wish that Rev-Pannasena will improve
the Temple with assistance of the village of area .We wish him the blessing  of the triple gem.

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