Panan Kanda mountain

A seen of panan kanda.

‘Pannan Kanda’ is a mountain which is situated at the village of Mawela in Balangoda area in Rathnapura districtin Sri Lanka.It is around by divisions of Galgodagama, Iluk kumbura, Panana, Gavaranhena, Velange and Mawela. It is located
 above the village of Panana. Because of that reason it is named as Panan Kanda. In addition it is called ‘Kalu Kalle’
and ‘Hela Uda kalle’.

A beautiful water spring from Panan kanda.
 This mountain gives births to many water springs. This area is nurtured by the branches of the Walawe River such as
Nadola Kadura, Nayini Ela, Kuda Oya and Deliniara.
Many kinds of animals can be seen in this area such as deer, monkey, moose, wild pig, and there are also jungle fowl,
haban kukula, hawk, owl, parrot, hornbill and paradise fly catcher and mynah in it. Many endemic and non endemic
trees can be seen in this area such as fesciculatum, thudarana, fambu, keena, and hora. As a result of the caves,   It is
very complicated to cross through this forest.
In 2007, it has conserved by the wild conserving of department. As a result of it, the effects of the destroyers have been
regularly decreased and it helps to firm the protection of the forest. We must protect the natural forests as the Panan
Kanda and it is our responsibility.                    

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    Buru said,

    wow… its the place i wanna visit on my next sl tour.. would u like to accompany me there my lil bro from galgoda. he he i know little bit about those areas but i never been to panan kanda… i guess its close by mawela or galgoda… anyhow i have traveled many many times (galgoda to mahawalathenna) by walking that footpath behind galgoda junction. what nice memories are they… i still missing them …. up to ur knowledge still we can walk there?

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    froggreen said,

    german english tom man vacant home

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