It is a my victory

This is my new pc

I am Lasantha Jayanath Peellawaththa. I’m from Galgoda, Balangoda in Sri Lanka. I am studying in grade 12
Commerce section in Ratnapura Damahana M.V. (College).

               Also I am a member of “oasisdamahana Foundation” where we learn ICT. We are involved in differeat
tasks using computers. Writing “web-blog” is a main task there. Besides that we also make websites for ourselves.
 Further, I am involved in doing videography and video editing where I am making progress. However, in order to
continue doing all this I greatly needed a personal computer. I am very happy to say that fulfilling my dream,
Mr. Nimal Tissera of Canada generously made a contribution through the Horizon Lanka’s “Digital Butterfly”
programme to help me get a pc. I used the donations and my own savings to get a Pentium– 4 PC. So I am very
proud to do my tasks more accurately and efficiently.
 I am very thankful to those who supported me and guided me so far.

My E-Mail:
Web blog:



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