Water pitch which Beautiful Damahana village

There is a nice and beautiful water pitch in our village. Damahana double the beach and naturist natural beauty.


 It is a nice scene and a rare picturesque because its natural location. This is a natural natures divine Gift to our village. Because it is made on a stone rock naturally. The wonder is the water  
which collect to this pitch come from the roots of trees which grown alone the stone.
                        The roots of the trees pour and drip water pond and even in dry seasons you find water hence.
This water has unbearable cool and it’s really a marvelous. Lot of birds, wild animals, Wild baur, Mongoose, Rabbits, Gallus lafayetti, Galloperdix bicalcarata,Centropus chlororynchos,Jungle fowl, and some other creatures come to drink this water to sustain their thirst.
                 Not only for animals but also we too can drink this cold water for our thirst. This water is pure. During the rainy season this water pitch is over flow with rainy water and it doubles the beauty at this place. The village Damahana is full fill with lot of there fury of beautiful things.

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