Gem Industry in Sri Lanka

There is a wide variety of gems in Sri Lanka. Out of those the
followers gems one considered as major varieties.
Blue Saphire
Red Saphire
Yellow Saphire
Cat’s eye
Blue Saphire
It is a very dark blue glossy gem. It is found easily in Ratnapura
area. Some of them are very high in value. Gem merchants buy them at
 various prices depending on the size.
Red Saphire
It is a very colorful bright gem. Hatton and Bagawanthalawa are
famous places for them. There fore land value in this area has gone
up in price. Local merchants as well as foreign buyers travel to this
area to buy gems.

Yellow Saphire
This variety of gems is mostly found in Balangoda, Aluthnuwara,
Diyawinna and Okkamptiya areas. Specially in Aluthnuware area mining
land value is very high as most of the gems found in them are yellow

Cat’s eye
 This variety is different from the other gems. There is a shiners
line moving from side to side. This is a very high priced gem and
it is found in the Ratnapura area.


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