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Mawela school

Reported By :-Tharindu Lakshan

The school is situated at Balangoda in Rathnapura district. It is in the village of Mawela.
It started in 1960 At vfirstit is in Mr. kirisandu’s home later the villages built a small
hut and carried on the school. when it starteg the chief guest was Re. Narada Thero.
After sometime the villages help a meeting named Grama samwardana samithiya” The chairm an
in this meeting was my grand father Mr. Punchimahathmaya. Then the mimster of  Partiament
in Balangoda. 
               Mr. cliphet Rathwaththa. with the help of at these people. a new school way started the chef guest was Re Thero  in the temole of thumbagoda. At that time the thero came to the festivat by  a car. That was a first vehicle came to the village.
                                     After that the teacherwere Mr. Atthanayake,Mr. M.M Vijesekara,Miss podimenike etc. later this school was developed

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