Shanty Dwellers

Reported BY :- Tharindu Lakshan

In every nook and coner of this globe there are shanty dwellers it is acute problem for a nation as well as to a government in power . It is a burden to a country. There should be a solution for this which should not be kept in the cold strage. Plots of land should be given under a land distribution scheme for a decent living of the marking.
In these area s small scale industries or cultivation should be provide for the shanty dwellers to make their living free. free education should be made available even to the poorest . Basics facilities should also be there for the inhabitants in the new areas in the industries and trades, that they are engaged.
In sri lanka reawakening of the villager is a great and an the appreciative schem adopeted afew years back .success and a many were for tunate enough to obtain sheller.

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