Reported By :- Gayanthi Dilrukshi

He awakes before 4.00 a.m..He does a cats wash and enjoys a cup of tea given by his wife.
Then he gets ready and runs to the bus owner’s home.He meets the bus conductor there and gets the bus cleaned.After checking up the brakes,
wheels and the engine he takes the bus out of the garage.He takes the bus to the private bus stand in town.
On the way he gets the conductor to drop a coin into the charity box of the temple and kovil to get blessings of the Triple Gem and Gods
.After that he start his day’s work.He does to servaral trips up and down from Balangoda to Ratnapura.
He has his breakfast and lunch at hotels on the way.He enjoys cracking jokes with his short break in between the trip
.He has to obey the conductors command to take in and drop passengers on the way
.After he has made the last trip,he parks the bus at the owner’s garage or owner’s home.
After that he leaves for home fully tired and relaxes for a while.Mostly he takes his bath at night
.He has his dinner,watch the t.v.programme’s has a chat with family members and goes to bed.

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