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Sports and our lives

Every child likes to play. Not only the able bodied but also disabled are fond of sports.

Sports play an important role in child’s life. It is said that a healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. Sports develop not only the child’s physical faculty but also his mental faculty.

There are various kinds of sports in our country. Some of them are cricket, volley ball, foot boll, net boll, rugger, elle, tennis, badminton, swimming, squash and hockey. Among them, cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka.

In the past sports were not given a priority in our schools. Sports were directly introduced as extra curricular activities. But today the education authorities have realized that sport is an integral part of education.

Exercises have to be done regularly for the proper functioning and development of our body. If a person is engaged in sports continuously, he or she can lead a healthy life. In schools we find some students who look weak and pale. They are the students who never take part in sports.

Sports also teach us good moral values. We can learn good qualities and good attitudes of persons. A good sportsman can take both victory and defeat alike. He is very patient. He accepts any decision without grumbling. He is well disciplined and well mannered. Also he is ready to accept any challenge at any time. Sports teach us leadership qualities and the feeling of work as a team.

Volley ball is the National sport in Sri Lanka. But it is not so popular as cricket today. The government has taken several steps to improve sports. There is a separate Ministry and there is a Minister in charge of sports. Sport clubs have been established throughout the island. Sport equipment is issued by the Ministry to these clubs free of charge.

In the present day society our children have no time to engage in sports. Most of them go for tuition classes or for films. This is a very sad state of affairs. In my opinion sports must be made compulsory in our schools. Parents should realize that a sport too is a part of education. The children should be encouraged to engage in sports too. Otherwise our future generation will be weak and lethargic.
In a recent survey conducted by the World Tourism organization it has been revealed that promotion of sports activities will lead to the promotion of tourist destinations. Several countries in Europe are now using the field of sports for promoting bilateral tourism.

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