Venivel is a medicinal creeper. This has nodes on the stem. Venivel creepers grow in dry forests in Sri Lanka. If we cut the yellow stem, liquid that gets quite sticky comes out of it. Venivel is very useful as a medicine. Our ancient people also used this as a medicine. When we are suffering from like these diseases fever, body pain, influenza.   We boil this stem and use it as a herbal drink. It is a very good treatment for body pains, bleeding and influenza. We can buy this from “Sinhala Aryurvedic groceries” we can find venivel creepers in our countryside homes. They cut them in to pieces and store them in bottles or some where to be used when needed. This boiled Liquid is bitter but it is very useful and important as a medicinal drug. We must protect this medicinal creeper for the future use.
     Venivel is grown in some forests of Sri Lanka. Specially this herbal plant can be seen mostly in the forests in Balangoda area.   

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