Komarica – Aloe Barbandensis Mill

Written By:- Lasantha Jayanath

This is a herbal medicine. Green in colour the leaves have thorny edges. The most valuable part is the centre of the leaf, while it is very cool when touched. A very special feature of this herb is that it can be grown in pots as well as on the grand. It is used to treat burn injuries. Because of its cooling and slimy effect it can be applied to reduce burn and to cause a soothing effect. In the past almost any home in the village would not fail to have a komerika plant in the garden.
Another special feature of this plant is that a leaf once cut through the middle will grow again. It docs not require any fertilizer. It grows almost any where. It even grows between rocks and on sandy soil. A leaf is about eighteen inches in length. A bush will have around 8 to 10 leaves. It can be stated that komarika is an essential plant in the lives of people.

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