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We are proud of us

It’s a very important aspect of mentality that every body should have.
Humans are the only beings that have a brain to think.
The other beings also have the brain,but they can’t think to take decisions.

They use their brain only to fullfil hunger,thirst and they have feer feeling for a sleep and reproduction.
At times we have to face challenges.
When we face challenges we have to accept victory and loss both.
If we have the self reliance we can always.

Win and face the lose rarely.We can stand on our feet amidst one thousand and one problem
if we have the self reliance.,
So as student who are preparing to shoulder the burdens of the future lives,
we should inculcate in us,the valuable quality so called the self realince.

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Water and our life

Water is one of the most important basic elements necessary for life. A land without water is a place where there aren’t any human beings, animals or plants. That is why water is regarded as invaluable resource. Although water is an important substance, man has not realized the value of it and man has been misusing water for a long time. The water of the village tanks is used for various purposes such as washing, bathing and drinking. Almost all our streams, rivers tanks and other waterways are contaminated by the man and the water is not at all safe for drinking.
Some people are in the habit of wasting water purposely. They don’t use water economically. If we have a look at out public taps it is a sad sight. Most of the taps are half – open. They never close the taps properly after use.
It is said that a person can live several days without food, but he or she can’t live more than three days without water. This fact clearly shows the value of water.
We can see garbage in tons heaped up near the waterways. Some factories freely drain the industrial chemical waste and effluents into waterways posing a deadly threat to human and other animal life. It is apparent that the quantity of water available for consumption is not at all sufficient for the entire population of the world. Water resource too is limited as well as other natural resources. The population is increasing day by day. The world population has multiplied five – fold during the last 150 years.
Special programmers have to be kept clean in order to ensure a healthy and safe life for the people. As a result of the pollution, most of our waterways have become breeding grounds of deadly diseases.
The government has set up an establishment called “water supply and drainage board” in order to supply pure drinking water to the people. People living in certain villages in the dry zone have to trek two or three miles in search of drinking water. When there is a drought, thousands of cattle in these areas die due to lack of water.
In view of the above facts we can easily realize that water is an invaluable substance. Let’s preserve water resources for ever.

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