A New Library


“Reading makes a completed man “to get that statement, the man should be facilitated to collect books for reading. Regards to get a better knowledge, to conquer the future problems, the ways of knowledge must be supplied more and more.


A centre which the knowledge can be found and delivered the school has additional ways of getting the knowledge was very important. To gain that knowledge the best and the most suitable place is the school library. Getting a completed school library to its students is an expected thing. So this chance was given to the present students of Balangoda Damahana maha Vidyalaya in Ratnapura district. The government has estimated 1835000.00 LKR for the construction work of the building. Next they issued 200000.00 LKR to buy books and electronics instruments.


From the Asian development bank’s donations and under the secondary educational modernization project, these library facilities were given to Rathnapura Damahana School. Both students and the teachers had to face for many difficulties when they search books to gain the knowledge. But this obtained resource is a very useful and helpful one to continue their education
in successful way.

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