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We are the greatest winners

The secondary modernization project/ educational for knowledge society of the ministry of education are lunching special programmes to increase the usage of ICT.
We can introduce “National ICT Excellency Award” as a new initiative programme.  Applications were invited for this at this end of 2009 and the computer learning center of Balangoda Damahana public school also applied for this competition.
This result  were out in the month of February 2011 and Damahana public school won the 2nd place in the Sabaragamuwa province. We were able to win 1.5 million LKR. We hope to win great victories in national level evaluations also.
This process of competitions were held under three categories as A,B,C  among  government schools. The schools which have computer learning centers or ICT centers  of schoolNet internet connection were categorized under  “A “ and the computer learning  centers or ICT centers  which don’t have schoolNet connection were categorized under  “B”  and  the schools which don’t have above facilities but they have usage of modern ICT were categorized under” C”.
The difference of this process of this competitions was using the internet  (online uploaded) to hand over applications and evaluate more than the traditional process of competitions.
The application was to submit as an “online “ through the internet.
Balangoda Damahana public school took part of in this under category  “A” and got  94.1 points. We became the  2nd place of the Sabaragamuwa province. Here the school was evaluated under nine criteria including  all the sections of using ICT and resources by the Zonal level  at the first shy and provincial level at the second shy.
Here the special project s launched to improve the ICT and the usage of ICT were evaluated specially. The teachers suggest that we were able to score   maximum marks through that.
This great victory is highly appreciated by the principal and he expressed his graduate to all who dedicated for this.
The teacher in charge(the CLC manager) of the computer laboratory expresses that amount of money is a great award to a school. Further he expresses that he intends to use this amount of money to increase the facilities of the lab and to broaden the facilities.
The parents and the old students of the school express their congratulations about this great victory.
We, the Oasisdamahana IT foundation congratulate the computer learning center and the staff of the lab  for their great victory.

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