To new inventions of ICT…..

Balangoda Damahana public school got a complete ICT center at the beginning of 2007. School computer section took great effort and dedication to make it leading computer center in the area.
The computer center used to learning and teaching activities s in the school hours. ICT knowledge and practice is given to youths, parents and elders after school and at the night time. It was became an ICT center to the village. Damahana computer center linked to eVillage project in 2007. The successful programmes done by computer center of Damahana caused for this. eVillge is a project which was launched under presidential secretariat, secondary educational modernization project of ministry of education with the aid of Asian development Bank.
Five schools were selected from five provinces for this project. Damahana public school got chance to enter this project.
We were able to show our talents opening new paths in ICT. Among them are writing blog sites, using new technology for the communication, learning languages with the internet.
Further, the computer learning centre is engaging in giving new experiences and ICT practices to youths of the area. Damahana eVillage has launched a new project about photography and video editing. We have won ten cameras at the “ICT Excellency award. It is a island wide competition in inter school launch by the ministry of Education Sri Lanka. We won the second place in Sabaragamuwa province and nine place all island. We use these cameras for this programme. This course is done free of charge to school children and at reasonable chargers to youths of the area.

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