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To new inventions of ICT…..

Balangoda Damahana public school got a complete ICT center at the beginning of 2007. School computer section took great effort and dedication to make it leading computer center in the area.
The computer center used to learning and teaching activities s in the school hours. ICT knowledge and practice is given to youths, parents and elders after school and at the night time. It was became an ICT center to the village. Damahana computer center linked to eVillage project in 2007. The successful programmes done by computer center of Damahana caused for this. eVillge is a project which was launched under presidential secretariat, secondary educational modernization project of ministry of education with the aid of Asian development Bank.
Five schools were selected from five provinces for this project. Damahana public school got chance to enter this project.
We were able to show our talents opening new paths in ICT. Among them are writing blog sites, using new technology for the communication, learning languages with the internet.
Further, the computer learning centre is engaging in giving new experiences and ICT practices to youths of the area. Damahana eVillage has launched a new project about photography and video editing. We have won ten cameras at the “ICT Excellency award. It is a island wide competition in inter school launch by the ministry of Education Sri Lanka. We won the second place in Sabaragamuwa province and nine place all island. We use these cameras for this programme. This course is done free of charge to school children and at reasonable chargers to youths of the area.

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A new launch to English education

There are minimum occasions to learn English in rural areas of Sri Lanka. Although there are several projects in teaching learning, learning programmes they aim to pass examinations. In addition there are private classes but they do not provide facilities to use English practically as a language. This is common to Damahana which is a rural area. We, Oasisdamahana It foundation has launched a special project as “innovative English project” in order to avoid above problems. Here the children learn English with practical programmes, new technology and enjoyable activities. First we have selected about 30 children and hope to increase the number in group. All the teachers who involve in this programme ready to work voluntarily. Training progarammes are conducted two days per week. Children come to classes from 6.00 Am to 7 Am and 1.30 PM and 4.30.Pm. We have launched a blog site as “ ” To increase the writing ability of children. Every students get the chance to present the articles in this blog. The parents of these children also assist to this programme. Here the students took happy to learn English. It’s a good progress.

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Our task on Media- Attention

We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation are serving to the community by doing various activities. Among them, there are, enhancing the ability of using ICT among rural community, giving facilities to fulfill some needs of them through ICT, directing youths for employments using ICT, distributing the PCs at reasonable prices to enhance the usage of ICT.
In addition to them we supply educational opportunities using ICT.
Our activities have been evaluated by media several times. Among them there are news telecast of Sirasa TV, LankaDeepa news paper, Digit internet magazine etc….

Last week there was an article in Sunday Times about our activities. It included the victories we gained.
We present a copy of the article. We thank the Sunday times for appreciating us.

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We were participated….

An exhibition of information communication technology called  “n fo” was held at Ratnapura  college of education,   Kahawatta Wellandura on last 14ht  17ht.
There was a great participation people for  this exhibition which was held throughout four days . We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation received a special invitation for the exhibition. We were reserved a stall.
Our stall was organized by using the evillage project and the activities connected to that. We received great responses from the people who visited our activities in ICT.
members of the oasisdamahana Our online education, Skype video conferencing and community by e-service were evaluated highly. Many persons requested us to have our service for their schools and villagers.
Further the members of Oasisdamahana IT foundation were able to gain new experiences and to promote their abilities. They were able to improve the contacts of community affairs.
The community of our area and the well wishes sponsored us for organizing our stall in the exhibition. We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation express our gratitude for all of them.

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They said that “our victory is going to further……….”

Balangoda Damahana public school got further great victory at the “ICT Excellency Award” which was organized by the secondary educational modernization project of ministry of education in 2009. They were able to get the second place at the Sabaragamuwa Provincial level. We were able to win 1.5 millions As the Award. Under the same process of competitions we won the 9th place at “All Island level” and we could increase the amount of 1.5 millions up to 2.15 millions. They won this victory because of the great dedication and courage of the staff and the students. We congratulate them.

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Dinusha who conquered the education using ICT.

Dinusha Gayani Darmadasa is a bright student of Oasisdamahana ICT foundation. Dinusha has been joining with Oasisdamahana foundation for three years. She engages in various activities using ICT. She writes web Blog and tries to learn how to makes web sites. She explores the information using internet. Dinusha faced for G.C.E.(A/L) examination in 2010. She tried her level best to solve her subject problems through the internet. She passed the G.C.E (A/L) examination with three A’s in commerce scheme. Dinusha was lucky to enter the University for hire education. Her district rank was 91. Dinusha’s farther is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. They are living in a rural village called Mawela Thalakolaheenna in Balangoda. Though her parents were farmers they tried their level best to teach their loving daughter. As a result of that today they are very happy.

“ My parents and teachers tried their best to teach me. If we need to pass the Examination successfully we must work hard at the beginning. Especially we must gather extra knowledge. I had understood it. I was recruited to Oasisdamahana foundation and used the internet my level best for my education. So I think that I have got a good result for my life” That’s Dinusha’s Idea. Dinusha the student who used ICT for her education and tried to go to ahead , we the Oasisdamahana foundation wish you all the best.

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Our students gain glory.

The students of Balangoda  Damahana public school have achieved  great  results from the G.C.E. Advance Level examination in 2010 also. Advance level subjects are being conducted only in commerce and Arts sections , five students have been qualified  for university entrance from both sections.
Through the results.
Nams                                          Accounting  Businessstudies       Economics
Dinusha Gayani Dharmadasa        A                        A                               A
Sumali Yasami De Silva                B                        A                               A
Chamil  Menaka                           B                        A                               A
Dimuthu Udara Madusanka          C                         A                                A
Bhagya Maduvanthi                     C                         B                                A
Dilani Madusika                           B                         B                                A

These students are in front. Comparing the results of the previous year, this year results shows 40% progress. These pupils have learnt under low facilities and they are from rural areas. This great victory will be a great fame to our area.
We, Oasisdamahana foundation express our congratulations tour bright students.

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The Green House of Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya

In Balangoda, the Damahana public school is a leading light in educational success and is tirelessly committed to maintaining continued improvement.

Having a better environment has been shown to have positive effects for students and their education. Starting in 2009, the Damahana public school committed itself to focus and improve in this area and was selected as having the best educational environment in the Sabaragamuwa province and rewarded “SUWASARA THAKSHALWA” as a result. Further developments continued into 2010, with the school being awarded 1st place as the most ‘Environmentally Friendly’ school in the province. The official award ceremony was held at the John De Silva Memorial Hall on the 10th July 2010 with school principal, teachers and students all in attendance.

We applaud the Balangoda Damahana public school for its devotion to ongoing improvement to ensure the betterment of all its students and their futures.

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A New Library for the Balangoda Damahana Public School.

The Damahana public school has consistently delivered outstanding teaching to its students, even though it lacked many key resources and facilities. Chief amongst these was the lack of a library for the children. Now, thanks to the Secondary Education Modernization Project (SEMP) and a donation of Rs 1.9 million a brand new library has been built allowing the children to expand their knowledge and learn from a wonderful array of new books.

The chief minister of Sabaragamuwa, the honorable Mr. Maheepala Herath, handed over the library to the students in an official ceremony that took place on 29th of June 2010. In attendance were the provincial chief secretary of Sabaragamuwa, the honorable Mr. Bhanu Munipriya (minister of Health, Indigenous Medicine & Women Affairs in Sabaragamuwa) and the honorable Mr. Sepala Kuruppu Arachchi (Provincial Manger, Sabaragamuwa educational modernization project and director of Balangoda zonal education).

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National Productivity Award competition 2010

Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya has applied for the National productivity award contest in 2010 also for the contest school Damahana public school presented since 2007 It has won the Massing Award during 2007 and 2008. In 2009 the Damahana Maha Vidyalaya has won the 1 st place from the sabaragamuwa province and the 2nd place form the National Level.
According to that we can show that Damahana public school is on the top level among other school in Sri Lanka.
The school applies for this contest this time also with the ambition if being the 1st place.
A board of officers from the National productivity secretarial office arrived to R/Damahana Maha Vidyalaya on 15/06/2010 for the primer inspection.
So we wish for them to submit their hops.

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