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The student of oasisdamahana IT Foundation.

Lasantha Jayantha Peellawaththais is a senior student of the Oasis Damahana foundation. Upon entry to the foundation he quickly learnt and acquired basic ICT knowledge. As a result of his studies, he quickly gained the confidence and experience to handle many important tasks, such as using various software applications to help with his projects day-to-day in addition to learning how to use the internet effectively. In 2008 he entered and came 8th in a software competition held in the Sabaragamuva province. An ICT scholarship soon followed, enabling him to continue his further studies. He then received a charitable donation to purchase a
PC. Along with a financial contribution made by his father, Lasantha was able to acquire a brand new computer, allowing him to develop his skills and maintain his new blog.

A developing interest in the areas of video editing and animation motivated Lasantha to build on his knowledge and explore his new interests further. With continued family support, he was able to continue his education whilst using his entrepreneurial skills to borrow a video camera from a relative and offer an editing
service service to people in the local area. Currently, he earns Rs 8,000 – Rs 12,000 per month from covering weddings and other important functions.

Excitingly, Lasantha has even more plans for the future. He is already working on an idea to start a centre called “Jayanath Video” and we can’t wait to see how this develops.

As a student of the Oasis Damahana foundation we couldn’t be happier for Lasantha. His story is a wonderful inspiration for others and demonstrates that dedication and hard work can lead to many great things in one’s life. We would like to thank everyone for their kind donations and support in helping the students of the Oasis
Damahana foundation, without your continued help and assistance stories like Lasantha’s would not be possible.

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Dulari, a student of oasisdamahana foundation qualified for the university

Dulari Harshika Muhandiram is a student of Oasisdamahaha ICT foundation. She is a member of the senior group of it. She sat for General Certificate of Education Advanced Level in 2009 and she was able to enter the university with 3 A passes.
She used to use ICT in her education while she is getting ready for the G.C.E.(A/L). Not only that by keeping the connection with internet exploration and writing blogs, she is given a 1000 LKR monthly as a scholarship.
During four years of period on wards , she will be a graduate qualified person and will serve for Sri Lankan society. She brings a glory for Oasisdamahana ICT foundation. As well as ICT usage will be helpful in her university education. Oasisdamahana foundation is very happy to see her success as she is one of the brightest students of Oasisdamahana foundation in English, ICT, and formal educational subjects.
The Sri Lanka Ministry of education with the secondary educational modernization project has established the e-village project in purpose of uplifting ICT knowledge of the students in rural areas. In this project Oasisdamahana ICT foundation is the first established one in Sabargamuwa province.
Specially with a vast base of ICT and English Oasisdamahana gives to many students its service .
In rural areas children, youths and elders are getting the ICT training and English education that is carry on through Oasisdamahana. Balangoda in Rathnapura district of Sri Lanka.
We wish Harshika as well as other students to thrive on. Not only that we thankful to all the persons with financially donation for those studenst.

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Inter house sports meet

Balangoda Damahana public school’s inter house sports meet will be held on 2nd March in 2010. Balangoda Zonal Educational Director will participate as the chief guest.
Especially Damahana School in Ratnapura district is always helpful to the children in Damahana to come to the upper level. This year inter house sports meet was begun and whole students and the teachers were divided into three houses Gamunu, Gajaba and Parakum.
Considering about the athletic of Balangoda region, Damahana is at the highest top. The reason for that, there are so many athletics that have come to championship. The athletes who have shown their talents are born in Damahana region. Among many difficulties they have done varieties of events successfully.
Oasisdamahana ICT foundation is giving the full co-operation to success their sports meet and we cheer up them to do their activities well.

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We Were The Best Productivity School-2009.

product3 The Damahana Maha Vidyalaya in Balangoda competited for the provincial productivity contest and it has been selected as the first place. At the award conference festival of the provincial productivity contest which was held in St Josap college, Kegall on 11 th of September in 2009, the first place award was handed over to the school principal .
To attempt for this victory, the principle the teacher staff, parents and the students worked with enthusiastically. The most of the people thank that very essential for the children and the community of this area.

This school gained the certificate of special commendation in 2007 and the special award certificate in 2008. But this year it has become the first of the Sabaragamuwa Province.

For this award the National Productivity secretarial office assessed the schools background education, the management system in the system in the school and the villagers reactive with school and many other sections. The level of this every facts were in front than other schools.

The teacher staff and the student say that they can win the first place most of every competition which are held in national level

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The Special Assessing Teachers Awarding Ceremony – 2009

There was a special teachers assessing and awardees ceremony in the school on 27 th of July in 2009. The teachers devoted their effort to bring the students up to national level.

The eight teachers those who worked from 2008 – 2009 to bring the students up to all Ceylon level were assessed and held an awarding ceremony for there. The teachers and the students of the school participated for this opportunity.


* With the guidance of the teacher Mr.K.R.M. Asoka Gunasekara, the
student surekha Dulanjalee got the first place from 200m race and the 3
rd place form the 100m race which was held in all Ceylon level in

* Mr. Jayasinghe led the students for sinhala language competitions and won the senor school stage drama award among other school in 2008
* Mr.K.M.W.Bandara, giving the information of the school and the
village to the international level by conducting the e Village project
and oasisdamahana web.


* Mrss. W.G. Rohini worked to increase the year 5 scholarship results in


* In addition to that stuents Kapila Gunathilaka and Dhanushka kalyan
got best results from 2008, A/L examination to enter the university and
they were also assessed here.


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The National Productivity Award- 2008

Damahana Maha Vidyalaya, Balangoda of the Ratnapura District is foremost among the Schools in the region when it comes to maintaining high standards of education;in the sphere of teaching as well as learning skills.
Among the schools in the area Damahana MV has achieved the best G.C.E. –Ordinary and Advanced Level results for the past several years. The Year-5 scholarship exam is no exception.

Besides the normal curricular activities it appears the school has also excelled in extra-curricular activities. In sports, producing national level sports men and women, winning first place at District level for the school with the best child-friendly
environment and receiving awards of appreciation at the National Productivity awards ceremony for two consecutive years, are among the highlights of those achievements.
The school band participating in a zonal competition for the first time and wining second place, has been exceptional.

Damahana MV, this year too entered the National Productivity awards competition and gained selection for the first round of evaluation. The school was visited by National Productivity Secretariat officials who completed their initial round of assessment on 19 May 2009. All aspects of education including teaching-learning methodologies, the environment, extra curricular activities and administration came under their close scrutiny.

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Education in an open environment


Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya is rather a school faced with many obstacles within the Balangoda education zone of the Ratnapura district. Amidst many difficulties a very high standard of education is maintained by the school resulting in excellent results being obtained in many spheres. In addition to that, the school has made great gains in the area of extra curricular activities. Of the many awards and accolades received, the most significant is the National Productive award received in 2008. The year 2008 is important for yet another reason. Sureka Dulanjalee representing the school at athletics obtained 1st place running the 200m, and the 2nd place at the 100m, at the National Athletic Championships. These are just a few examples of achievements at national level.


The school has done much to create a child-friendly environment to enable students to gain the maximum of their study time. As a consequence the school was selected for the school with the best environment in the Ratnapura district of the Sabaragamuwa province. This is yet another achievement. To achieve these victories various projects and suggestions were activated by the school authorities.


A vital feature of education is an environment suited for purpose. With this concept in view, the school has put in place an open-air education centre where the children are encouraged move out of the traditional classroom setting and in to a more free and relaxed setting that mixes and blends with nature. This approach has gained popularity and the children seem to take to this new venture like ducks to water.

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Another Success which we received


In August 2006 a well equipped computer center was received to Damahana Maha vidyalaya in Rathnapura District. This computer center was setup with the assistance provided by the Asian Development Bank, through the Secondary Educational Modernization Project (SEMP). The unit consists of twenty computers with all its accessories. After setting up of this unit the school has made vast strides in the sphere of education in general. With the use of these computers and Internet, students are able to access vital and relevant information pertaining to their general education. In school hours we use these computers as part of our normal teaching and learning process. Besides, it serves as a useful tool to source information. During extra classes held during after-school hours students are thought how to use computers for internet exploration, English language education, and special online courses. The students have their own website and are encouraged to maintain their own blogs. As a result, now, about 180 children are blog writers. The school maintains two websites: These two are continuously updated. and are the two main blogs.

The successes shown here are only a very few of our achievements that outline our progress. Yet another good opportunity has come our way. The Microsoft Company has donated 500 Classmate laptops to the education department. Of these, in appreciation of all the good work done so far, the ministry allocated 20 laptops to Damahana MV. Those were received 16th Feb, 2009 by our principal Mr B. Somasiri from Hon. Mr. Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Education. With these laptops we also received wireless internet facilities.


This is the fast e-village introduced to the Sabaragamuwa Province. With the addition facility the area surrounding Damahana Maha Vidyalaya has access to WIFI technology. With the introduction of the IT Unit and all its developments our children who otherwise have very little interaction with the out side world are allowed the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the confines of a village and explore the vast world that lies beyond.


This in turn paves the way for rural communities such as ours to interact and advance in technological, cultural, social and economical spheres among others. The rural community, in other words is exposed to other cultures and value systems which can contribute to an overall enhancement in the quality of life and ensuing challenges to be faced in the world.


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Suwasara Taksalawa

suwa3 dsc06092

Suwasara Taksalawa was an Island wide competition Organized by the Education and awareness Building Unit of the Central Environment Authority. The Authority has successfully organized this programme since 2008. The objective of this programme conducted throughout the country including the North and East has been to establish a suitable environment within the school ensuring the Nation receives a generation of healthy children. Accordingly, based on the evaluation done for the year 2008, Dahamana Maha Vidyalaya, Balangoda was awarded the First place in the Ratnapura District.


With this regard, an awards ceremony is to be held on March 12, 2009 at the Central Environmental Authority in Colombo. The chief guest will be the Hon. Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

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A New Library


“Reading makes a completed man “to get that statement, the man should be facilitated to collect books for reading. Regards to get a better knowledge, to conquer the future problems, the ways of knowledge must be supplied more and more.


A centre which the knowledge can be found and delivered the school has additional ways of getting the knowledge was very important. To gain that knowledge the best and the most suitable place is the school library. Getting a completed school library to its students is an expected thing. So this chance was given to the present students of Balangoda Damahana maha Vidyalaya in Ratnapura district. The government has estimated 1835000.00 LKR for the construction work of the building. Next they issued 200000.00 LKR to buy books and electronics instruments.


From the Asian development bank’s donations and under the secondary educational modernization project, these library facilities were given to Rathnapura Damahana School. Both students and the teachers had to face for many difficulties when they search books to gain the knowledge. But this obtained resource is a very useful and helpful one to continue their education
in successful way.

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