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Dr. Ajith Paqual’s arrival

Dr. Ajith pasqual is acknowledging the members of Oasisdamahana foundation evillage

A senior lecturer, university of Moratuwa On information technology Dr Ajith Pasqual and mr. Pushpitha jayasekara ICT coordinator of the secondary educational modernization project participated for a day workshop on 29th October in 2008 (at oasisdamahana foundation) as the resources donators. Here firstly the work done by members of oasisdamahana foundation was assessed. Then Dr.ajith pasqual gave a lecture on aspects of the evillage and the usage of the internet. Pasqual is with members of the Oasisdamahana foundation.

For the development of an area with the performances through e village are the education, health, society and economy. He remembered the students that the above things, could be thrive by using ICT. As well as, he remembered further about the alive donates. He said that it is better and useful if we use “schoolnet Sri Lanka”. Dr. Ajith Pasqual showed about the facilities which will be issued to the users through this, by addressing the students in Ratnapura, Balangoda, Damahana Maha Vidyalaya, that gentleman showed the way of using the computer and the internet for their studies through researchers.
Mr. Pushpitha jayasekara ICT coordinator of the secondary educational modernization project also participated to the workshop.

Mr. Pushpitha jayasekara is addressing the workshop.

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A visit from above……..

Visiting the first e-Village of the Sabaragamuwa Province in Dahamana,
Balangoda, were the project officials from SEMP II and the Education Dept.
of the Sabaragamuwa Province.  
Those who came on an inspection tour on 18thMarch included Mr Nimal
Herath-SEMP II Project, Prof. W. G. Kularatne- National Productivity
Secretariat, Mr Gunatilake- Provincial Education Office and Mr  W. Jayasinghe
-Director, Balangoda Zonal Education Office.
Appreci ating the work done so far, gave necessary instructions and suggestions
 on ways to further expand and improve the services provided by the centre.

Receiving and welcoming the Officials

Mr. Nihal Herath inspecting the activities at the Centre

Visiters inspecting the computer e-village activities

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The Visiters

A board of officers from the Austrailion embassy visited Ratnapura Damahana Maha vidyalaya
 on a previous day.They followed an operation an educational  system of Sri Lanka. Due
to that they visited two schools in Balangoda region,  R/Damahana M.V.and an
another school .Mr.Piyasena,the director of educational participated for this opportunity


The officers were welcomed by the head                                                        
 prefect of the school


They were welcomed by the starff.
Visitng the class rooms.



A discusses with the principal.



visiting the computer laboratory centre at the school


Visiting the class rooms  




A discusses with the e – village  students

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Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayake visits Damahana e-village

Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayake visits Damahana e-village
Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayake, service provider of the e-village programme
visited Damahana e-village on December 11th and 12th.2007
Workshops were held by him with e-Village members as an awareness program
to educate them regarding this project. He visited some houses in the area and
had discussions with the parents regarding the children learning the computer,
improvement of their knowledge and also how they could be made to participate
in the activities.
The photographs appearing below show some of the activities.
im4.jpgMr. N. Wanninayake participating in a workshop with the
members of Damahana e-village.

im1.jpgMr. N Wanninayake having a discussion with the parents.

im3.jpgMr N Waninayake listening to the responses from the parents.


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