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The best things of the world is for children

ImageWorld children’s day falls an October 1st every year. Every country of the world organizes the programs to commemorate children’s day.
Several children’s programs and children’s welfare programs were organized today in Sri Lanka. Every school in Sri Lanka held the children’s day programs in a ground way under the guidance of ministry of education.
Balangoda Damahana public school also organized several activities under this, there were enjoyable ‘activities, Dancing, singing Etc……
The teacher staff served children cakes bananas and tea. The purpose of this is to promote the attention and love of teachers towards children.

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Keshaani Subha

Keshani Subha is a bright student of Balangoda Damahana public school.She has won many awards curricular and extra curricular activities. She is a member of school evillage team and has achived a lot in the ICT field.

She took part in a competition under the ‘Education for Knowledge Soceity’ project conducted by the Ministry of Education.The theme of the competition was “Do you know”. This competition was held to mark the “World Aids Day”. She represented Sabaragamuwa Province and won the third place in the whole Island.

Keshani Subha

She was awarded a certificate and a medal by the Minister of Education Sri Lanka Honourable Bandula Gunawardana.
We at ‘Oasisdamahana IT Foundation’ congradulate her.”

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“National Productivity awards in 2010” They won the first Place in 2010.

Balangoda Damahana Public school contested for the National Productivity Awards competition in 2010. From this contest this school has won as the first place from Island wide also.
Balangoda damahana public school is situated in Damahana gramaseva division, Balangoda electorate devision of Ratnapura district. This school was established by Venerable revenant Wimalawansa of Kirimatitenna in 1950. It was taken as government school on 4tth of September in 1950.
Firstly, twenty five students entered to the school and Mr. D.A. Thennakoon worked as the principal with two assistant teachers. Since then, the school was being conducted by the several principals with a development. But recently the persons who worked as the principals developed the school and the environment through education.
Specially Mr.M.P. Abayasiri worked as an assistant teacher in the school and later became as the principal for 10 years. He up lifted the standard of school in education and environment rapidly.
Present Principal Mr B. Somasiri.
Mr. Abesiri was retired in 2003. Then the present principal Mr. B. Somasiri assumed duty in this post. He acted for the rapid development of the school with the teacher staff. As a result of that the school was selected twice, as the first place in the national productivity awards at the provincial level. Again the school was selected and won the first place as the “best environment for education”, which was held by the Ministry of environmental in 2010.
When consider to Year 5 scholarship results, G.C.E. (O/L) results, and G.C.E.(A/L) results there is an special development than other schools in Balangoda educational Zone.

Hence in 2009 Balangoda Damahana maha Vidyalaya was awarded the second place at the national productivity level. Later in 2010, the school was awarded the first place in all Island at the National Productivity contest.
Likewise year by year there is a rapid development of the school. Reference to this we see that the present principal Mr. B. Somasiri is very enthusiastic, courageous person. At every moment he acted to Damahana M.V. high top of Sri Lanka. There for the victory of 2010 is very successful and admirable incident to the school.
We wish Balangoda Damahana Public school to get the strength and courageous to go further for better education in the future.

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