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Seeing the talented children and their details in our area, various persons and centers have motivated to help them. We offer our gratitude to all of them. The children express by their own words about the victories they gained in this manner.

Various programmes have been reacted in order to increase the usage of ICT in Sri Lanka. Amid that eVillage project takes a main position. In Sri Lanka the eVillages that are reacted through the academic centers gives a massive service to both the school children and the rural community. About three hundred parents have completed their computer training normally. They have succeeded up to use the Internet. As well as about four hundred youths and about ninety five students from eight hundred students have completed an educational course of handling the computer. From the younger to the elder students has a possible to get information through the internet. About hundred and fifty students work as the leaders and holding their web blogs.

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Damahana is a rural village situated few miles away from the Balangoda town. Majority of the villagers are farming for their living. But their students are on a higher state of the education and the ICT. It depicts from the page “our victories”.
They get this improvement with few facilities. Specially there are only 20pcs for the use of the students and the rural community. If we can get increased the number of the PCs we will be able to uplift the students` talents that is our determination.
So we have established a programme to issue PCs for needy people in our village. Therefore I directly invite all to set with this project. If you avoid PCs from the offices or after your own usage, you can offer to our clever students.
If you can supply money for buying PC s, we have launched a program to deliver the computers for needy ones. Here, the person who wishes to buy one he/she has to spend half of the full amount. And the other half is paid by the donator. That is our computer issuing program. I kindly invite you all to help us.

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