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A story

Reported By: Dulari Muhandiram

Once upon a time there lived a king who had clever jester in his court. As the king was a lover of with the jester became the Royal favourite.The king was so fond of the jester that he allowed him a great deal of liberty ,talking all his pranks and rude remarks as great jokes. Talking advantage of this the jester used to play tricks on the Minister in the court too. In fact he did not show any respect even for highest officials and became a perfect nuisance in the court. But none dared to complain against him because the king was so fond of him.
One day. However the jester went too far and in some way offended the king himself.’ Curse the fool’’ dried the king in great ‘fury’ ‘’How dare you behave so badly in our presence? for this lack of respect’ fool you shall die.
The jester begged for mercy and asked the king to forgive him. But the king was so furious that he refused to alter the sentence.’ I can extend no other mercy to you’’ said the king ‘except permitting you to choose what kind of death you wish to die. Decide at once, for the sentence must be carried out’
The clever jester once turned this concession to his advantage and saved his life by saying,’ I admire your kindness Your Majesty .I choose to die old age.

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