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A better harvesting period of vegetables to Balangoda region.

The main incoming system of majority people in Balangoda is farming. Through it, vegetable cultivation takes a significant place. Here the farmers grow beans, tomatoes, lemma beans, string beans etc. They are the main vegetable crops which they grow.In every year August and September are the harvesting periods.
In this year, the farmers of this area could get a best harvest. But with this the farmers are failed to sell these productions. Mostly the higher production is caused for the lower rate. Especially for tomatoes is given a lower rate from the Colombo commercial centre. Because of that the farmers face for great difficulties. Therefore some farmers have neglected and stopped harvesting. Not only that, the more difficulties that the farmers face for…

The higher rate of seeds and fertilize.
Supplying water for the cultivation
Getting the labours to conduct the cultivation.
The attachment of diseases, insects and using insecticides for higher price.But amid of much trouble, the farmers were able to get a good harvest. Because of that as there is not a permanent rate, the farmers are failed to earn the money which they used to thrive it. Therefore less amount of farmers will motivate in the vegetable cultivation.

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