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It is a my victory

This is my new pc

I am Lasantha Jayanath Peellawaththa. I’m from Galgoda, Balangoda in Sri Lanka. I am studying in grade 12
Commerce section in Ratnapura Damahana M.V. (College).

               Also I am a member of “oasisdamahana Foundation” where we learn ICT. We are involved in differeat
tasks using computers. Writing “web-blog” is a main task there. Besides that we also make websites for ourselves.
 Further, I am involved in doing videography and video editing where I am making progress. However, in order to
continue doing all this I greatly needed a personal computer. I am very happy to say that fulfilling my dream,
Mr. Nimal Tissera of Canada generously made a contribution through the Horizon Lanka’s “Digital Butterfly”
programme to help me get a pc. I used the donations and my own savings to get a Pentium– 4 PC. So I am very
proud to do my tasks more accurately and efficiently.
 I am very thankful to those who supported me and guided me so far.

My E-Mail:
Web blog:



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The Scouts and Girl guilde activities of Damahana Maha Vidyalaya

The scout team.

The scouts and girl guide companies in Damahana Vidyalaya is an excellent co-curricular activity.
 These two companies have a long history.
First the scouts company was started by Mr. M.P. Abayasiri, on 20th October 1978. At the same
time his sister Miss. M.P. Piyaseeli started the First girls guide company.
Since then, camps, explorations, tours, shramadana campaigns, hikes, training camps and even img_0232.jpg
jamborees have been held on regular basis.
After becoming the principal, Mr. Abayasiri devoted more of his spare time for improving the scout
movement. In 2000, he was appointed the district commissioner.
After his retirement Mr. Lalith Kumaratunge succeeded him as the Scouts master and continues to
serve in that capacity.

     Getting their training
With his guidance a three-day camp was held at Hambegamuwa, from 26th-28th July 2006.
A mutual fun camp for both, scouts and girl guides, was held on 22nd March 2006.
img_0225.jpgMr. Lalith is devotes his time to improve the talents of the boys by conducting art competitions, hikes,
excursions, dramas and various  tours among other things. The students gain valuable experience and
life skills through these activities.

Mri Lalith kumarathunga co-ordinater

At present the girl guides company is led by Miss. M.M. Somalatha. She has served in this capacity
since the 26thFebruary 2006. A three-day camp was held for the guides, in this school, from 26th to
28th March 2006.
These girl guides participated in a district camp held at Gatangama Vidyalaya, Ratnapura, from 30th
March to April 2007.
At present, both, the scouts and the girl guides in the school, conduct their activities in a complementary
 and mutually beneficial manner.


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A community venture through Dahamana MV

img_0099.jpg   Dahamana gains some historical significance by virtue of the fact that it belongs to the region where the
 world famous primitive ‘Balangoda Man’,  better known as ‘Balangoda Manawaya’ was discovered.
 Mahawalathnna plateau and thin village is situated in delightful are.
  Some say that thousand monks were ordained at one and the same time thus giving the village its name

There are two ways to approach the village. One is via the Ratnapura-Balangoda-Kirimelithnna route.
The other is through Ratnapura-Pallebcdda and Weligcpala.

Traveling through the village, one cannot fail to notice the beautiful paddy field right in the heart of the

img_0095.jpg   Like the early bird that gets the worm, if lucky enough, you will see the farmers in their span cloth and
 mammorty on shoulders setting off to their fields. 
  To fulfill the educational needs of the children in the area and to enlighten their knowledge, Damahana
  Maha Vidyalaya serves as a model learning center.
The standard of education is always in a high position with extra curricular activities also taking place in
various ways. Among them scouting and girl guiding takes prominence.
img_0061.jpg   Breaking new ground and keeping pace with modern technological advances in the world, a new to in
 computer learning center has been opened under the Secondary Education modernization project of the
 Ministry of Education. This project has been an impetus in providing the community- children and adults
 alike- the opportunity to improve their computer skills and English knowledge.
  By widening this series under the concept of e–village, a website was launched to provide
information about our village, not only to the island, but also to the whole world.


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A Community Hall for Dahamana

Damahana is a rural village in Balangoda in the Ratnapura district in Sri Lanka.
With the establishment of the e-Village project in Dahamana, the
community has begun to see the value and importance of modern
technology and its impact on development.

img_0180.jpg The project has had it’s beginnings in the Dahamana Maha Vidyalaya.
But now it has expanded and grown, thus creating a need for a bigger place.
Simultaneously, the village had a long felt need for a common meeting place
where all its public and social functions could be held.
With these intentions, the community on its own initiative collected funds to
 embark on the project to build a community hall.

img_0128.jpgSo the youth in the area took the initiative to build a hall with the co-operation
of the whole village. Within a short period of time they erected the columns for
the ground floor,
 costing nearly two hundred thousand rupees. Each family contributed either
in cash and/or labour to achieve this task. The land, a five-perch block, for
the hall was donated by a businessman.

The building, once completed will have two stories comprising of a main
auditorium, lecture halls and library. With nearly 20% of the work completed.
The community is in need of your support to see their dream fulfilled. 


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The Visiters

A board of officers from the Austrailion embassy visited Ratnapura Damahana Maha vidyalaya
 on a previous day.They followed an operation an educational  system of Sri Lanka. Due
to that they visited two schools in Balangoda region,  R/Damahana M.V.and an
another school .Mr.Piyasena,the director of educational participated for this opportunity


The officers were welcomed by the head                                                        
 prefect of the school


They were welcomed by the starff.
Visitng the class rooms.



A discusses with the principal.



visiting the computer laboratory centre at the school


Visiting the class rooms  




A discusses with the e – village  students

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