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Dowa Temple

When we travel along the Colombo Badulla road just passing the Bandarawela town we come across the Dova historical temple. It is mentioned on books that this temple was built by King Walagamba while he was hiding in fear of enemies.
The frescoes of the temple and the stream that flows by side of the temple increase the beauty of this historical place. We can see a tunnel that starts from this temple and leads to Nuwara Eliya and Hava Eliya. Even today the devotees who visit this temple can able to see this tunnel.

The Bo-tree which has grown attractively demonstrates the beauty of an ancient tree. We can see a tank with a fountain close by this Bo-tree. It has been used for bathing this ancient Bo-tree.
And also an incomplete Buddha statue can be seen beside the shrine room. There are two notions among the villagers for erecting the Buddha statue incompletely.

When divine messengers were erecting the Buddha statue at night the dowa has come without knowing. Then the divine messengers had run away in order to hide from people. So that they could not complete the statue. This is one notion that people believe today.
The other notion is this. While people were erecting the Buddha statue, suddenly an enemy offensive had come. And the people who were erecting the Buddha statue had run away in fear of enemies. So that the king could not complete the statue.
Any every Buddhist in Sri Lanka has devotional honor for this ancient temple. That’s why any person who travels by the temple never forgets to worship this historical temple.

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