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New inventor’s competition

There was a competition of new inventor’s, at Balangoda Sudarshanaramaya temple . It was organized by the Zonal education office Balangoda. Seven schools represented their children’s new inventions for this competition in Balangoda education zonel. There were high inventions in this competition. In the inventions, efficient planting matching, efficient capstan and a house of the preservative electric power were outstanding inventions.
Balangoda Damahana public school represented this competition. Seven students presented their new ineventions. At there, Ruvan priyantha who presented “a house of the preservative electric power” won the third place. Last year, Ruwan won the third place in the national level competition. Mr. T.D.P. Ariyarathna who is the Teacher of Inventions and technology of Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya guided the inventions.
We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation congratulate them and their victories.

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A Training programe

It seems that many of the people where are interested in ICT bend to use “Open Source “. Deferent reasons like, they can be taken free of charge, minimum risks of virus, easy to use and user friendly affected this. As a developing country Sri Lanka turns to use open source because the cost of open source is lower than other operating systems.
From recently Sri Lankan education attention tends to “Open Source”. Minister of education of Sri Lanka has launched a program to introduce “Open Source” to the school teachers and students in public schools. Many schools are beginning to establish computer centers only with Open source operating systems.
A workshop was held in Balangoda educational Zone on 2012-03-19 and 2012.03.20 at Balangoda zonal computer training centre to introduce “ Hanthana Linux “Operating system. 40 Teachers who teach ICT and be students who learn ICT participated in this work shop.
There, they introduce hanthana Linux Operating system and explained how to use it in learning activities.

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They said that “our victory is going to further……….”

Balangoda Damahana public school got further great victory at the “ICT Excellency Award” which was organized by the secondary educational modernization project of ministry of education in 2009. They were able to get the second place at the Sabaragamuwa Provincial level. We were able to win 1.5 millions As the Award. Under the same process of competitions we won the 9th place at “All Island level” and we could increase the amount of 1.5 millions up to 2.15 millions. They won this victory because of the great dedication and courage of the staff and the students. We congratulate them.

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“National Productivity awards in 2010” They won the first Place in 2010.

Balangoda Damahana Public school contested for the National Productivity Awards competition in 2010. From this contest this school has won as the first place from Island wide also.
Balangoda damahana public school is situated in Damahana gramaseva division, Balangoda electorate devision of Ratnapura district. This school was established by Venerable revenant Wimalawansa of Kirimatitenna in 1950. It was taken as government school on 4tth of September in 1950.
Firstly, twenty five students entered to the school and Mr. D.A. Thennakoon worked as the principal with two assistant teachers. Since then, the school was being conducted by the several principals with a development. But recently the persons who worked as the principals developed the school and the environment through education.
Specially Mr.M.P. Abayasiri worked as an assistant teacher in the school and later became as the principal for 10 years. He up lifted the standard of school in education and environment rapidly.
Present Principal Mr B. Somasiri.
Mr. Abesiri was retired in 2003. Then the present principal Mr. B. Somasiri assumed duty in this post. He acted for the rapid development of the school with the teacher staff. As a result of that the school was selected twice, as the first place in the national productivity awards at the provincial level. Again the school was selected and won the first place as the “best environment for education”, which was held by the Ministry of environmental in 2010.
When consider to Year 5 scholarship results, G.C.E. (O/L) results, and G.C.E.(A/L) results there is an special development than other schools in Balangoda educational Zone.

Hence in 2009 Balangoda Damahana maha Vidyalaya was awarded the second place at the national productivity level. Later in 2010, the school was awarded the first place in all Island at the National Productivity contest.
Likewise year by year there is a rapid development of the school. Reference to this we see that the present principal Mr. B. Somasiri is very enthusiastic, courageous person. At every moment he acted to Damahana M.V. high top of Sri Lanka. There for the victory of 2010 is very successful and admirable incident to the school.
We wish Balangoda Damahana Public school to get the strength and courageous to go further for better education in the future.

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Inter house sports meet

Balangoda Damahana public school’s inter house sports meet will be held on 2nd March in 2010. Balangoda Zonal Educational Director will participate as the chief guest.
Especially Damahana School in Ratnapura district is always helpful to the children in Damahana to come to the upper level. This year inter house sports meet was begun and whole students and the teachers were divided into three houses Gamunu, Gajaba and Parakum.
Considering about the athletic of Balangoda region, Damahana is at the highest top. The reason for that, there are so many athletics that have come to championship. The athletes who have shown their talents are born in Damahana region. Among many difficulties they have done varieties of events successfully.
Oasisdamahana ICT foundation is giving the full co-operation to success their sports meet and we cheer up them to do their activities well.

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The eVillage concept – bringing technology to the village


The IT usage skills improvement project is foremost among these. A main aspect of this project is to encourage the use of the computer and internet during school hours as part of the teaching/ learning process.

Secondly, this project provides opportunities to members of the community to use these facilities and to access required information via computer and internet. This process has immensely contributed to the quality of life and social upliftment of the community.


In 2007, with initiatives taken jointly by the Presidential Secretariat and the IT Agency, the ‘Secondary Education Modernization Project’ (SEMP) was launched. R/Damahana MV with its connected village was selected as a pilot project for setting up the first e-village in the Sabaragamuwa Province.


A main objective of this project is to enhance the development process of the region by providing IT technology to the rural communities. Hence, the e-village centre was structured and designed to function as the information provider of the rural community. Consequently we have successfully utilized the R/Damahana MV IT learning Centre to provide vital and timely information required by the community thereby contributing immensely to the rural development process.

One such activity was to start a website that contained all the information and development activities taking place in the village. A regularly updated web-blog has also been designed for this purpose. The website is and the web-blog is . Besides, the community is given access to this centre to obtain any relevant information or training pertaining to IT.

However, when it comes to providing access to the community, state institutions are confronted with certain restrictions and limitations. For example, farmers and wage earners will only have the night time to make use of such a facility. Therefore, the need was strongly felt for setting up an independent centre providing easy access to community members.

The e-village project that commenced with R/Damahana MV as its focal point has by now developed to the point of being a service provider that brings together various sectors of the community enhancing rural development in the process. As the first step in this direction, a CBO by the name ‘Oasisdamahana Foundation’ was formed and registered under the Social Services Act No. 31 , 1980 of the Govt. of Sri Lanka. Our organization is now allowed to function as a social services organization registerd with the Balangoda Divisional Secretariat, bearing No. DSB/So/09/2009. This gives the organization a legal and professional status it otherwise lacked at a regional level.

In the immediate future the Foundation intends to implement a programme to improve the English language skills among members of the community. Plans are underway to provide IT training to the otherwise ignored Tamils living among the community.

The Foundation is also focused on setting up a BPO with the intention of improving and increasing the employment opportunities for the youth of the community.

A keen willingness has been shown by many within the community to provide necessary infrastructure facilities to implement these projects. However, further assistance is required to obtain necessary equipment and network support.

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Education in an open environment


Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya is rather a school faced with many obstacles within the Balangoda education zone of the Ratnapura district. Amidst many difficulties a very high standard of education is maintained by the school resulting in excellent results being obtained in many spheres. In addition to that, the school has made great gains in the area of extra curricular activities. Of the many awards and accolades received, the most significant is the National Productive award received in 2008. The year 2008 is important for yet another reason. Sureka Dulanjalee representing the school at athletics obtained 1st place running the 200m, and the 2nd place at the 100m, at the National Athletic Championships. These are just a few examples of achievements at national level.


The school has done much to create a child-friendly environment to enable students to gain the maximum of their study time. As a consequence the school was selected for the school with the best environment in the Ratnapura district of the Sabaragamuwa province. This is yet another achievement. To achieve these victories various projects and suggestions were activated by the school authorities.


A vital feature of education is an environment suited for purpose. With this concept in view, the school has put in place an open-air education centre where the children are encouraged move out of the traditional classroom setting and in to a more free and relaxed setting that mixes and blends with nature. This approach has gained popularity and the children seem to take to this new venture like ducks to water.

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Suwasara Taksalawa

suwa3 dsc06092

Suwasara Taksalawa was an Island wide competition Organized by the Education and awareness Building Unit of the Central Environment Authority. The Authority has successfully organized this programme since 2008. The objective of this programme conducted throughout the country including the North and East has been to establish a suitable environment within the school ensuring the Nation receives a generation of healthy children. Accordingly, based on the evaluation done for the year 2008, Dahamana Maha Vidyalaya, Balangoda was awarded the First place in the Ratnapura District.


With this regard, an awards ceremony is to be held on March 12, 2009 at the Central Environmental Authority in Colombo. The chief guest will be the Hon. Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

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Dr.C.W.W.Kannangara is regarded as the Father of Free Education in Sri Lanka.

Christopher William Wijekoon kannangara wasborn on October 13,1889 at Randombe, a suburb of Ambalngoda. His father was John Daniel Wijekoon and his mother was Emaly Wijesinghe.

He had his primary education at Wesleyan High School, Ambalangoda and then he had his secondary education at Richmond College, Galle as a free scholar.

Dr. Kannangara was an eminent Sri Lankan educationist who rendered a great service for the development who rendered a great service for the development who rendered a great service for the development of education. He brought about several reforms in education. He brought about several reforms in education. He became the Minister of Education in the Legislative Council in 1923. He realized that the existing education system was not suitable to fulfill the needs of the society. He wanted to make some amendments in the system. In order to achieve this objective, he submitted an Education Reform Bill in 1938.

He saw that the society was divided into two groups under the then education system, as the English educated and vernacular educated. He wanted to give an equal education to all irrespective of wealth or other reasons. The concept of Central Colleges was Dr. Kannangara’s greatest contribution to the development of education. The first Central Colleges set up under this programme were at Minuwangoda, Veyangoda, Akuramboda, Matugama, Weeraketiya, Kattamkudy, Ibbagamuwa, Dickwella and Marathugoda. By 1944 there were 22 central Colleges. This number was increased up to 50 by 1946. He is a national hero who paved the way to both urban and rural children to receive free education.

Dr. Kannangara also realized that some people could not afford to send their children to schools because of the poverty. In order to overcome this problem, he introduced a system of scholarships. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr. Kannangara, the Father of Free Education.

Written By Lasantha Jayanath.

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A new project to increase English Education

The Damahana Maha Vidyalaya in Rathnapura district of the Sabaragamuva province of Sri Lanka,
 is being rapidly developed in every section to help students’ education.  Hence, the English educational section of the school felt the need for an English Activity Room.
They decided that this was very essential to develop the students’ English language skills. Accordingly, it was decided to that point they could build a EAR room with the help of the parents and
well-wishes and the school staff on 24th of march in 2008.
                      Many types of activities and aids are put on the wall so as to help the English Learner to read and do the activities in their free time. Nevertheless, the English teachers come to this place and doing the lessons.
The English learners are like very much to reach this place and engage in lessons we see by moment by
moment the English progressing programme among every person

group of students engaged in an English Activity

The students are putting new activity for learners

The teachers are conducting an activity.

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