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Our task on Media- Attention

We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation are serving to the community by doing various activities. Among them, there are, enhancing the ability of using ICT among rural community, giving facilities to fulfill some needs of them through ICT, directing youths for employments using ICT, distributing the PCs at reasonable prices to enhance the usage of ICT.
In addition to them we supply educational opportunities using ICT.
Our activities have been evaluated by media several times. Among them there are news telecast of Sirasa TV, LankaDeepa news paper, Digit internet magazine etc….

Last week there was an article in Sunday Times about our activities. It included the victories we gained.
We present a copy of the article. We thank the Sunday times for appreciating us.

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We are the greatest winners

The secondary modernization project/ educational for knowledge society of the ministry of education are lunching special programmes to increase the usage of ICT.
We can introduce “National ICT Excellency Award” as a new initiative programme.  Applications were invited for this at this end of 2009 and the computer learning center of Balangoda Damahana public school also applied for this competition.
This result  were out in the month of February 2011 and Damahana public school won the 2nd place in the Sabaragamuwa province. We were able to win 1.5 million LKR. We hope to win great victories in national level evaluations also.
This process of competitions were held under three categories as A,B,C  among  government schools. The schools which have computer learning centers or ICT centers  of schoolNet internet connection were categorized under  “A “ and the computer learning  centers or ICT centers  which don’t have schoolNet connection were categorized under  “B”  and  the schools which don’t have above facilities but they have usage of modern ICT were categorized under” C”.
The difference of this process of this competitions was using the internet  (online uploaded) to hand over applications and evaluate more than the traditional process of competitions.
The application was to submit as an “online “ through the internet.
Balangoda Damahana public school took part of in this under category  “A” and got  94.1 points. We became the  2nd place of the Sabaragamuwa province. Here the school was evaluated under nine criteria including  all the sections of using ICT and resources by the Zonal level  at the first shy and provincial level at the second shy.
Here the special project s launched to improve the ICT and the usage of ICT were evaluated specially. The teachers suggest that we were able to score   maximum marks through that.
This great victory is highly appreciated by the principal and he expressed his graduate to all who dedicated for this.
The teacher in charge(the CLC manager) of the computer laboratory expresses that amount of money is a great award to a school. Further he expresses that he intends to use this amount of money to increase the facilities of the lab and to broaden the facilities.
The parents and the old students of the school express their congratulations about this great victory.
We, the Oasisdamahana IT foundation congratulate the computer learning center and the staff of the lab  for their great victory.

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The Green House of Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya

In Balangoda, the Damahana public school is a leading light in educational success and is tirelessly committed to maintaining continued improvement.

Having a better environment has been shown to have positive effects for students and their education. Starting in 2009, the Damahana public school committed itself to focus and improve in this area and was selected as having the best educational environment in the Sabaragamuwa province and rewarded “SUWASARA THAKSHALWA” as a result. Further developments continued into 2010, with the school being awarded 1st place as the most ‘Environmentally Friendly’ school in the province. The official award ceremony was held at the John De Silva Memorial Hall on the 10th July 2010 with school principal, teachers and students all in attendance.

We applaud the Balangoda Damahana public school for its devotion to ongoing improvement to ensure the betterment of all its students and their futures.

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Another Success which we received


In August 2006 a well equipped computer center was received to Damahana Maha vidyalaya in Rathnapura District. This computer center was setup with the assistance provided by the Asian Development Bank, through the Secondary Educational Modernization Project (SEMP). The unit consists of twenty computers with all its accessories. After setting up of this unit the school has made vast strides in the sphere of education in general. With the use of these computers and Internet, students are able to access vital and relevant information pertaining to their general education. In school hours we use these computers as part of our normal teaching and learning process. Besides, it serves as a useful tool to source information. During extra classes held during after-school hours students are thought how to use computers for internet exploration, English language education, and special online courses. The students have their own website and are encouraged to maintain their own blogs. As a result, now, about 180 children are blog writers. The school maintains two websites: These two are continuously updated. and are the two main blogs.

The successes shown here are only a very few of our achievements that outline our progress. Yet another good opportunity has come our way. The Microsoft Company has donated 500 Classmate laptops to the education department. Of these, in appreciation of all the good work done so far, the ministry allocated 20 laptops to Damahana MV. Those were received 16th Feb, 2009 by our principal Mr B. Somasiri from Hon. Mr. Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Education. With these laptops we also received wireless internet facilities.


This is the fast e-village introduced to the Sabaragamuwa Province. With the addition facility the area surrounding Damahana Maha Vidyalaya has access to WIFI technology. With the introduction of the IT Unit and all its developments our children who otherwise have very little interaction with the out side world are allowed the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the confines of a village and explore the vast world that lies beyond.


This in turn paves the way for rural communities such as ours to interact and advance in technological, cultural, social and economical spheres among others. The rural community, in other words is exposed to other cultures and value systems which can contribute to an overall enhancement in the quality of life and ensuing challenges to be faced in the world.


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