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Dinusha who conquered the education using ICT.

Dinusha Gayani Darmadasa is a bright student of Oasisdamahana ICT foundation. Dinusha has been joining with Oasisdamahana foundation for three years. She engages in various activities using ICT. She writes web Blog and tries to learn how to makes web sites. She explores the information using internet. Dinusha faced for G.C.E.(A/L) examination in 2010. She tried her level best to solve her subject problems through the internet. She passed the G.C.E (A/L) examination with three A’s in commerce scheme. Dinusha was lucky to enter the University for hire education. Her district rank was 91. Dinusha’s farther is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. They are living in a rural village called Mawela Thalakolaheenna in Balangoda. Though her parents were farmers they tried their level best to teach their loving daughter. As a result of that today they are very happy.

“ My parents and teachers tried their best to teach me. If we need to pass the Examination successfully we must work hard at the beginning. Especially we must gather extra knowledge. I had understood it. I was recruited to Oasisdamahana foundation and used the internet my level best for my education. So I think that I have got a good result for my life” That’s Dinusha’s Idea. Dinusha the student who used ICT for her education and tried to go to ahead , we the Oasisdamahana foundation wish you all the best.

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