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Written by Lasantha jayanath from oasisdamahana.
There are four main religions in the word. They are the Buddhism, the Christianity, the slams and the Hinduism. The teachings of all these religions are similar to a certain extent. Misdeeds are not approved by any religion.

Lord Buddha taught us about the value of humanity. If we observe the teachings of Lord Buddha we will never fall into trouble. Today there is a social segregation in our society. We are separated as Sinhalese, Tamil, and Muslim and so on. Some people think that they are superior to others and they are more powerful than others. This is the main reason that paved the way to the ongoing war in the North and East. We should always keep in mind that everybody likes to lead a happy and peaceful life. Everybody fears the death and torture.

Today there is a great competition among the people in our society. Most of the people do not pay any attention towards the development of their mind. They always try to earn money by some means. They do not have any leisure. But Lord Buddha taught us that “Contentment is bliss” we should always try to be content with what we get. Then only we will be able to lead a happy life. It is said that man is the cleverest animal. We should determine to follow the five precepts. We should not tell lies. We should not take to liquor. We should not kill animals. We should refrain from such sinful deeds.

According to the Buddhism taking revenge is a sinful deed. “Nahi verena verani” anger or hated or hated cannot be dispelled by anger” we should show kindness even to animals. We should always try to purify our thoughts. We should not try to escape from the problems. We should face them with courage. Today moral values are declining in our society. So the Lord Buddha’s teachings are very suitable to modern society that is plagued with various problems.


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