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A new launch to English education

There are minimum occasions to learn English in rural areas of Sri Lanka. Although there are several projects in teaching learning, learning programmes they aim to pass examinations. In addition there are private classes but they do not provide facilities to use English practically as a language. This is common to Damahana which is a rural area. We, Oasisdamahana It foundation has launched a special project as “innovative English project” in order to avoid above problems. Here the children learn English with practical programmes, new technology and enjoyable activities. First we have selected about 30 children and hope to increase the number in group. All the teachers who involve in this programme ready to work voluntarily. Training progarammes are conducted two days per week. Children come to classes from 6.00 Am to 7 Am and 1.30 PM and 4.30.Pm. We have launched a blog site as “ ” To increase the writing ability of children. Every students get the chance to present the articles in this blog. The parents of these children also assist to this programme. Here the students took happy to learn English. It’s a good progress.

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Our task on Media- Attention

We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation are serving to the community by doing various activities. Among them, there are, enhancing the ability of using ICT among rural community, giving facilities to fulfill some needs of them through ICT, directing youths for employments using ICT, distributing the PCs at reasonable prices to enhance the usage of ICT.
In addition to them we supply educational opportunities using ICT.
Our activities have been evaluated by media several times. Among them there are news telecast of Sirasa TV, LankaDeepa news paper, Digit internet magazine etc….

Last week there was an article in Sunday Times about our activities. It included the victories we gained.
We present a copy of the article. We thank the Sunday times for appreciating us.

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We were participated….

An exhibition of information communication technology called  “n fo” was held at Ratnapura  college of education,   Kahawatta Wellandura on last 14ht  17ht.
There was a great participation people for  this exhibition which was held throughout four days . We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation received a special invitation for the exhibition. We were reserved a stall.
Our stall was organized by using the evillage project and the activities connected to that. We received great responses from the people who visited our activities in ICT.
members of the oasisdamahana Our online education, Skype video conferencing and community by e-service were evaluated highly. Many persons requested us to have our service for their schools and villagers.
Further the members of Oasisdamahana IT foundation were able to gain new experiences and to promote their abilities. They were able to improve the contacts of community affairs.
The community of our area and the well wishes sponsored us for organizing our stall in the exhibition. We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation express our gratitude for all of them.

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Achieving success by winning software competition 2010.

The students of Balangoda Damahana Public school won the first and fourth places, for the provincial software competition held in 2010 in Sabaragamuwa province held by SEMP II/EKSP project.

The students of Balangoda Damahana Public school recently won the first and fourth places in a provincial software competition, hosted by SEMP II/EKSP and held in the
Sabaragamuwa province.

Lasantha Jayanath Peellawaththa, both a founding and senior member of the OasisDamahana foundation, won the first place for his presentation on the topic of the “Production Possibility Curve”. Mr Peellawaththa was awarded his winner’s certificate, gift voucher and chalice by the honorable governor of the Sabaragamuwa province Mr, V.J.M. Lokubandara.
The prize giving ceremony was held at the Ratnapura Samudi hall on the 24th November 2010 and well attended. 4th place was won by a student from the local Damahana public school.
The local community were all incredibly proud of the winners. Both teachers and students from the local school wished both individuals continued success in all their future endeavours.

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Inter house sports meet

Balangoda Damahana public school’s inter house sports meet will be held on 2nd March in 2010. Balangoda Zonal Educational Director will participate as the chief guest.
Especially Damahana School in Ratnapura district is always helpful to the children in Damahana to come to the upper level. This year inter house sports meet was begun and whole students and the teachers were divided into three houses Gamunu, Gajaba and Parakum.
Considering about the athletic of Balangoda region, Damahana is at the highest top. The reason for that, there are so many athletics that have come to championship. The athletes who have shown their talents are born in Damahana region. Among many difficulties they have done varieties of events successfully.
Oasisdamahana ICT foundation is giving the full co-operation to success their sports meet and we cheer up them to do their activities well.

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A Computerized Library Management System for Damahana MV

R/Damahana MV has made rapid progress in many fields winning several provincial and national level awards. The reasons behind these successes could be attributed to the fact that formal curricula based education and extracurricular activities are given due attention at all times

Charith Mahawatte, Damith Sulochana
The achievements at Grade Five scholarship level and 2009 Advanced Level results could be sited as reflective indicators of these achievements.
Damahana MV was adjudged the school providing the best learning environment-2009 in the Ratnapura district. The School also received first place at Provincial level and second place at National level for the Schools Productivity Award.
There has also been a remarkable improvement with the addition of new buildings including a well equipped library. However, for effective use of the library it was necessary that it be equipped with a computerized library management system.
The school management committee approached many organizations and private institutions but due to the heavy cost it can incur, they were hesitant to meet our request.
At this juncture, with the intervention of a local student and Moratuwa University IT graduate, Charith Mahawatte, the Moratuwa University offered to assist with the project.
As a consequence, graduates of the University, Charith Mahawatte, Damith Sulochana, Kaushalya Hemaratne, together with Rupavahini Program producer Rohana Aluthge helped install the computerized library management system for the school.
This allows us the opportunity to efficiently manage the newly established school library at Damahana MV.

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