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Balangoda Heritage which arose from Pahiyangala.

Pahiyangala, the largest cave in asia, is situated at Bulathsinhala in the Kalutara District. When we come to Ratnapura from Balangoda, we can go along the Panadura road. It is a one and half hour drive from Ratnapura through this road we can meet the Horana town them we can go to the Bulathsinhala town. Pahiyangala caves lies in Yatagampitiya, which is a remote village about 5 km away from Bulathsinhala (40Km along Piliyandala-Horana road), in the Kalutara District. The road is motorize up to the foot of the rock. It is a two hour drive from Colombo through the Piliyanda – Horana Road and covers a distance of about 40km.
Excavation has proved that these caves were inhabited by prehistoric cave men some 37,000 years ago. This cave is supposed to be the largest natural rock in Asia and this is also known to be the most ancient pre-historic human settlement in Asia. The cave lies 400 feet above sea level, At its entrance, the cave is 175 feet high and over 200 feet long. It is believed that 3000 people can be easily accommodated in this cave.
This place was shrine site from ancient time. At present also there are priests who do meditation. There is a saying “That the famous Chinese traveler monk, Fa-Hein who came to this country in the 4th century A.D. in search of Buddhist scriptures. He is said to have stayed in this cave whilst on his way to Sri Pada” (Adam’s Peak). Time passed this place has become as “Pahiyangala”.
Further it is situated in a boundary which combines Sabaragamuwa, western and southern provinces in Sri Lanka. There is a saying the stone was in the boundary became” Maingala”. Time passed it is became as “Pahiyangala”
However Archeologists have proved that this place is a very important place which buried much important Archeological evidence. There is a deep pit dug out by the Archaeological Department for an excavation. In is in this pit that archeologists found five human skulls which were identified as 37,000 years old by carbon dating in USA. Some weapons made of stone and animal bones were also recovered during the excavation. It has been found out that these were used to kill monkey, deer, porcupine and others. They have also consumed habits, a species of edible snail and wild breadfruit.
Historically the basic evidence about Homosapian balangodancis were found from a place called “Bellabadipelessa” which is 75 K.M away from Balangoda town. This place is conserved as an important archeological site. Now the pahiyangala also have many historically evidences about ancient human beings in Sri lanka.
This proves Balangoda and Pahiyangala is an important areas which revealed many important evidence about world human history.
Let’s commemorate about the historical value of Balangoda very proudly.


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We were participated….

An exhibition of information communication technology called  “n fo” was held at Ratnapura  college of education,   Kahawatta Wellandura on last 14ht  17ht.
There was a great participation people for  this exhibition which was held throughout four days . We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation received a special invitation for the exhibition. We were reserved a stall.
Our stall was organized by using the evillage project and the activities connected to that. We received great responses from the people who visited our activities in ICT.
members of the oasisdamahana Our online education, Skype video conferencing and community by e-service were evaluated highly. Many persons requested us to have our service for their schools and villagers.
Further the members of Oasisdamahana IT foundation were able to gain new experiences and to promote their abilities. They were able to improve the contacts of community affairs.
The community of our area and the well wishes sponsored us for organizing our stall in the exhibition. We, Oasisdamahana IT foundation express our gratitude for all of them.

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Achieving success by winning software competition 2010.

The students of Balangoda Damahana Public school won the first and fourth places, for the provincial software competition held in 2010 in Sabaragamuwa province held by SEMP II/EKSP project.

The students of Balangoda Damahana Public school recently won the first and fourth places in a provincial software competition, hosted by SEMP II/EKSP and held in the
Sabaragamuwa province.

Lasantha Jayanath Peellawaththa, both a founding and senior member of the OasisDamahana foundation, won the first place for his presentation on the topic of the “Production Possibility Curve”. Mr Peellawaththa was awarded his winner’s certificate, gift voucher and chalice by the honorable governor of the Sabaragamuwa province Mr, V.J.M. Lokubandara.
The prize giving ceremony was held at the Ratnapura Samudi hall on the 24th November 2010 and well attended. 4th place was won by a student from the local Damahana public school.
The local community were all incredibly proud of the winners. Both teachers and students from the local school wished both individuals continued success in all their future endeavours.

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Dulari, a student of oasisdamahana foundation qualified for the university

Dulari Harshika Muhandiram is a student of Oasisdamahaha ICT foundation. She is a member of the senior group of it. She sat for General Certificate of Education Advanced Level in 2009 and she was able to enter the university with 3 A passes.
She used to use ICT in her education while she is getting ready for the G.C.E.(A/L). Not only that by keeping the connection with internet exploration and writing blogs, she is given a 1000 LKR monthly as a scholarship.
During four years of period on wards , she will be a graduate qualified person and will serve for Sri Lankan society. She brings a glory for Oasisdamahana ICT foundation. As well as ICT usage will be helpful in her university education. Oasisdamahana foundation is very happy to see her success as she is one of the brightest students of Oasisdamahana foundation in English, ICT, and formal educational subjects.
The Sri Lanka Ministry of education with the secondary educational modernization project has established the e-village project in purpose of uplifting ICT knowledge of the students in rural areas. In this project Oasisdamahana ICT foundation is the first established one in Sabargamuwa province.
Specially with a vast base of ICT and English Oasisdamahana gives to many students its service .
In rural areas children, youths and elders are getting the ICT training and English education that is carry on through Oasisdamahana. Balangoda in Rathnapura district of Sri Lanka.
We wish Harshika as well as other students to thrive on. Not only that we thankful to all the persons with financially donation for those studenst.

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Inter house sports meet

Balangoda Damahana public school’s inter house sports meet will be held on 2nd March in 2010. Balangoda Zonal Educational Director will participate as the chief guest.
Especially Damahana School in Ratnapura district is always helpful to the children in Damahana to come to the upper level. This year inter house sports meet was begun and whole students and the teachers were divided into three houses Gamunu, Gajaba and Parakum.
Considering about the athletic of Balangoda region, Damahana is at the highest top. The reason for that, there are so many athletics that have come to championship. The athletes who have shown their talents are born in Damahana region. Among many difficulties they have done varieties of events successfully.
Oasisdamahana ICT foundation is giving the full co-operation to success their sports meet and we cheer up them to do their activities well.

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Sureka got a great victory in 2008 also.

Her name is W.D.Sureka Dulanjale karunarathna .She lives at Ratnapura Ellukkumbura in Weligepola divisional Secretariat .Mother, father and two sisters in her family. Her mother”s name is Mrs, Chandrawathi and her father’s name is Mr. Krunarathna. Her sister’s name is W.D Inoka Shamali and other’s name is W.D Nayomi Nirmali. She has no brothers
She educated firstly R/ Sri Wimalawansa Vidyalaya. After grade nine class she entered Ratnapura Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya. Now she is learning at grade 13 Arts
In her young age she is clever both education and sports. she is the faster sportier in school for events 100 meters and 200 meters. Not only that, she won the championship for the inter Zonal educational sports.

Ceylon basically school Sport meet was started on 26th of September in 2008. It was held in Sugatadasa stadium in Colombo and was over on 30th of September.
The short distance athleter, W.D. Sureka Dulanjalee participated with it from Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya in Ratnapura district. She gained a glory to the area by getting the Gold medal for 200 m race and Bronze medal for 100 m race. In earlier years for these events she showed her talents. The instructors and announcers say that this time Dulanjalee could have brought her talents to the maximum level.

There is a great person behind her success who leads her up to the level of all is land .He is Mr.K.R.M.Ashoka Gunasekara our teacher of physical technology.


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Mawela school

Reported By :-Tharindu Lakshan

The school is situated at Balangoda in Rathnapura district. It is in the village of Mawela.
It started in 1960 At vfirstit is in Mr. kirisandu’s home later the villages built a small
hut and carried on the school. when it starteg the chief guest was Re. Narada Thero.
After sometime the villages help a meeting named Grama samwardana samithiya” The chairm an
in this meeting was my grand father Mr. Punchimahathmaya. Then the mimster of  Partiament
in Balangoda. 
               Mr. cliphet Rathwaththa. with the help of at these people. a new school way started the chef guest was Re Thero  in the temole of thumbagoda. At that time the thero came to the festivat by  a car. That was a first vehicle came to the village.
                                     After that the teacherwere Mr. Atthanayake,Mr. M.M Vijesekara,Miss podimenike etc. later this school was developed

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Gem Industry in Sri Lanka

There is a wide variety of gems in Sri Lanka. Out of those the
followers gems one considered as major varieties.
Blue Saphire
Red Saphire
Yellow Saphire
Cat’s eye
Blue Saphire
It is a very dark blue glossy gem. It is found easily in Ratnapura
area. Some of them are very high in value. Gem merchants buy them at
 various prices depending on the size.
Red Saphire
It is a very colorful bright gem. Hatton and Bagawanthalawa are
famous places for them. There fore land value in this area has gone
up in price. Local merchants as well as foreign buyers travel to this
area to buy gems.

Yellow Saphire
This variety of gems is mostly found in Balangoda, Aluthnuwara,
Diyawinna and Okkamptiya areas. Specially in Aluthnuware area mining
land value is very high as most of the gems found in them are yellow

Cat’s eye
 This variety is different from the other gems. There is a shiners
line moving from side to side. This is a very high priced gem and
it is found in the Ratnapura area.


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A Community Hall for Dahamana

Damahana is a rural village in Balangoda in the Ratnapura district in Sri Lanka.
With the establishment of the e-Village project in Dahamana, the
community has begun to see the value and importance of modern
technology and its impact on development.

img_0180.jpg The project has had it’s beginnings in the Dahamana Maha Vidyalaya.
But now it has expanded and grown, thus creating a need for a bigger place.
Simultaneously, the village had a long felt need for a common meeting place
where all its public and social functions could be held.
With these intentions, the community on its own initiative collected funds to
 embark on the project to build a community hall.

img_0128.jpgSo the youth in the area took the initiative to build a hall with the co-operation
of the whole village. Within a short period of time they erected the columns for
the ground floor,
 costing nearly two hundred thousand rupees. Each family contributed either
in cash and/or labour to achieve this task. The land, a five-perch block, for
the hall was donated by a businessman.

The building, once completed will have two stories comprising of a main
auditorium, lecture halls and library. With nearly 20% of the work completed.
The community is in need of your support to see their dream fulfilled. 


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The Water-Springs of Imbulamura

dvc00319.jpgImbulamura is situated in the Ratnapura district in the Balangoda division.
This village is very prosperous and self-sufficient in agriculture. The springs,
 nature’s gift to the area, is an asset to the village. As a result, when compared
with her neighbours, Imbulamura stands out as a very special place.

The water of the springs is warmer than normal water. This water has plenty of
 minerals causing it to be very brackish and unpalatable. Yet, it is not harmful
for human consumption. People use this water for drinking as well as agricultural

img.jpgThis warm mineral water comes with high pressure through the cracks on the
surface of the earth. We can see it like white bubbles. During the rainy and dry
season the water level remains the same.

It is believed that in ancient times that there was only one large spring in the village.
 According to belief, water used to gush out causing conches (type of sea snail) to
appear with it. These conches had destroyed the paddy. As a result helpless farmers
 had faced many difficulties.

dvc00330.jpgSo the villagers, wanting to stop the spring took large piles of clay and used elephants
 to ram it into the large spring causing the springs to disappear. But as a result of that
several springs have resurfaced in different locations like Imbulamura, Agalekumbura
and Gadakumbura. As a result of that the farmers were able to cultivate their crops once

The water running down from these springs has joined to form the beautifully cascading
 ‘Diyawini Elle’ water fall.


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