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Vesak is the most important festival

Vesak is the most important festival observed by Buddhist all over the world.
It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of prince Siddhartha and his enlightment and passing away.
On the Vesak day millions of Buddhist in the world observe various
religious practices. Prince Siddhartha was born at Lumbini park in the city of Kimbulwath
in early days in India. His parents were king Suddhodana and queen Mahamaya.
He attended Buddhahood at Buddhagaya. In this year the Vesak poya day fell on 19th of May. So , the Srilankan
Govermant had request to celebrate a Vesak week. In order to that, our school principal organized some useful programs.
On the first day we decorated the school and houses. We decorated the Shrine with tissue streamers and the statue of lord Buddha. The Buddhist flags were raised.
We made Vesak lanterns. So our school was lighted with Vesak decaration.
We decorated not only school but also our homes and temples with Vesak decorations during
this week.

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