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Sureka got a great victory in 2008 also.

Her name is W.D.Sureka Dulanjale karunarathna .She lives at Ratnapura Ellukkumbura in Weligepola divisional Secretariat .Mother, father and two sisters in her family. Her mother”s name is Mrs, Chandrawathi and her father’s name is Mr. Krunarathna. Her sister’s name is W.D Inoka Shamali and other’s name is W.D Nayomi Nirmali. She has no brothers
She educated firstly R/ Sri Wimalawansa Vidyalaya. After grade nine class she entered Ratnapura Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya. Now she is learning at grade 13 Arts
In her young age she is clever both education and sports. she is the faster sportier in school for events 100 meters and 200 meters. Not only that, she won the championship for the inter Zonal educational sports.

Ceylon basically school Sport meet was started on 26th of September in 2008. It was held in Sugatadasa stadium in Colombo and was over on 30th of September.
The short distance athleter, W.D. Sureka Dulanjalee participated with it from Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya in Ratnapura district. She gained a glory to the area by getting the Gold medal for 200 m race and Bronze medal for 100 m race. In earlier years for these events she showed her talents. The instructors and announcers say that this time Dulanjalee could have brought her talents to the maximum level.

There is a great person behind her success who leads her up to the level of all is land .He is Mr.K.R.M.Ashoka Gunasekara our teacher of physical technology.


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Let’s see how the names of villagers were formed in our area

Reported by:- Wasana Nilmini

               It is believed that Kottimbulwala cave was one of the important places of King Walagamba’s being hidden in this place he has built many stupas and temples and also some arts.
The place where sand was taken to build those buildings is called “Weligepola.”
               The Pillow which is kept for our Lord Buddha’s  head is made of “imbul.”  So people call it “Kottimbulwala.”
              It is believed that King Walagamba’s kingdom was situated there at Handagiriya. To enter this kingdom there are four hotes. They are Panamura, Imbulamura, and Molamure.
You could enter this kingdom if only you take those four areas. Because theirs area is consisted of mountains , rocks and slopes.It is stated that tooth relic was taken to this area and has been kept in a safety place at Handagiriya. The villagers still believe it.

            There is a huge rock called “Pollamura.” That rock is called Hawarigala. For that also there are very interesting and historical stories.
One day King Walagamba and his queen Soma went for bathing and had a rest on that rock. She left for palace. On the way to  palace she remembered her “hawari” and it was kept on that rock. The place where the “hawari” is kept  called “Hawarigala.”
           At the door step of cave, a temple was built by queen Soma. The main feature of the Buddha statue here is Lord buddha’s head has been directed to the west.
The legend says  that there is a tunnel from  Lendara to Kottimbulwala. The main entrance to Kottimbulwala is called “Lendara.”
               The place where King Walagamba had his battle is called “Hatanpola.” Later it become “Hatangala.” It is also mentioned in our legendry.


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