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The coconut Tree

The coconut which is a kind of plam is a very useful tree. Its trunk raises straight up, some times as high as fifty feets. Its cadjans are spreaded far as in a circle like a crown of a king. The average length of a cadjan is about twenty feets.It grows well only in hot countries, and does best on a sandy shore near the sea. They can be seen, grown very well on the coral islands in the Pacific Ocean .Its fruit are the coconut. There is a white kernel covered with a hard shell and the outer is covered with a husk.

The coconut plam is the most useful tree in the world. The every part of this is used for many purposes. Mostly the coconut is important in every aspect. When the shell is broken; the hollow inside contains a tasty liquid, which is a refreshing and wholesome drink. The white kernel can be eaten as a food and is used for flavouring cakes and puddings. In the pacific island, a great trade is carried on “coppera” which is the dried kernel of coconuts. This contains much coconut oil, which is used largely in making candles and soap. From the strong brown fiber that covers the hard shell of the nut, is manufactured “coir”, which is made into rugs, ropes etc. The shell is used as a cup or carved into an ornament.

From the sap or juice of the tree is made “toddy, a pleasant drink when taken fresh, and one that makes men drunk when it is left to stand for a while. Also a wine called plam wine, is made from it , and a kind of vinegar when boiled and treated in a special way , the juice gives kind of sweet sugar, called “jiggery.”
The leaves are used for making roof of house. And woven into mats and basket. And finally, the wood is used for building and other purposes.

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Reported By Tharindu Lakshan

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