Adam’s peak( Sri Pada)

There are many interesting places in Sri Lanka. The Adam’s peak is one of them. Sripada is a secret place of the people. Buddhists, Hindus and Christians worship to this mountain. The Buddhists think that there is the foot print of the Load Buddha.
Hindus and Christians believe that there is the foot print of Adam. The secret mountain, Sripada is situated in saparagamava province.This is higher than other mountain.
On the top of the mountain is a large rock. There is a shrine on four pillars with tile roofed. The main four rivers also begin from this mountain. Since December to May is the season to worship this mountain. So the devotes organize Pilgrimages. They dress in white dresses not only the people but also beautiful butterflies go to sripada. Sripada is a heritage of the people. Protecting this is out human right.

Written by:-Dulari   Harshika                                                                                         –


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    Dominic said,

    Dear Friends,

    The photograph of Adams Peak used on this page belongs to me and is copyright.
    Please remove this photograph from this page as it has been used without permission.

    Many thanks

    Dominic Sansoni

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