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Another Success which we received


In August 2006 a well equipped computer center was received to Damahana Maha vidyalaya in Rathnapura District. This computer center was setup with the assistance provided by the Asian Development Bank, through the Secondary Educational Modernization Project (SEMP). The unit consists of twenty computers with all its accessories. After setting up of this unit the school has made vast strides in the sphere of education in general. With the use of these computers and Internet, students are able to access vital and relevant information pertaining to their general education. In school hours we use these computers as part of our normal teaching and learning process. Besides, it serves as a useful tool to source information. During extra classes held during after-school hours students are thought how to use computers for internet exploration, English language education, and special online courses. The students have their own website and are encouraged to maintain their own blogs. As a result, now, about 180 children are blog writers. The school maintains two websites: These two are continuously updated. and are the two main blogs.

The successes shown here are only a very few of our achievements that outline our progress. Yet another good opportunity has come our way. The Microsoft Company has donated 500 Classmate laptops to the education department. Of these, in appreciation of all the good work done so far, the ministry allocated 20 laptops to Damahana MV. Those were received 16th Feb, 2009 by our principal Mr B. Somasiri from Hon. Mr. Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Education. With these laptops we also received wireless internet facilities.


This is the fast e-village introduced to the Sabaragamuwa Province. With the addition facility the area surrounding Damahana Maha Vidyalaya has access to WIFI technology. With the introduction of the IT Unit and all its developments our children who otherwise have very little interaction with the out side world are allowed the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the confines of a village and explore the vast world that lies beyond.


This in turn paves the way for rural communities such as ours to interact and advance in technological, cultural, social and economical spheres among others. The rural community, in other words is exposed to other cultures and value systems which can contribute to an overall enhancement in the quality of life and ensuing challenges to be faced in the world.


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Suwasara Taksalawa

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Suwasara Taksalawa was an Island wide competition Organized by the Education and awareness Building Unit of the Central Environment Authority. The Authority has successfully organized this programme since 2008. The objective of this programme conducted throughout the country including the North and East has been to establish a suitable environment within the school ensuring the Nation receives a generation of healthy children. Accordingly, based on the evaluation done for the year 2008, Dahamana Maha Vidyalaya, Balangoda was awarded the First place in the Ratnapura District.


With this regard, an awards ceremony is to be held on March 12, 2009 at the Central Environmental Authority in Colombo. The chief guest will be the Hon. Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

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