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The e-Village Project in the Sabaragamuwa Province continues to expand……..

new evillage
Since its commencement in December 2006, the Sabaragamuwa Province e-village project has made huge strides. Set up at the Damahana public school Balangoda, the project has widened its horizons and provided various ICT related activities to the community.
Besides surfing the internet, members in the community have learnt to use the computer for email and for general educational purposes. They are also involved in maintaining these web pages and individual blog sites. Further, this project has enabled people in the community to access information pertaining to their professions, seek new employment and business opportunities.
The project has also made available opportunities for Internet banking, money transferring, and video conferencing and Chat services.
The provision of these ICT services through the establishment of Damahana e-Village has been acknowledged to be a great achievement by the community.
The moment has now arrived for us to share our unique experience with other communities in the province. The Education Ministry under the SEMP II and EKSP Projects selected four schools from the Sabaragamuwa Province and one school from the Western Province for this purpose. They are:
Ratnapura Elapatha public school
Kalwana Rabuka public school
Dehiovita Mattamagoda Ratnaweli public school
Mawanella Dippitiya Rajagiri public school
Badureliya Kamburawela public school of the Western Province.
The initial instructions and introductory activities pertaining to this phase of the project are now being implemented. It is the aim of the project to accelerate efforts to facilitate a technological revolution within the province.

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