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Seeing the talented children and their details in our area, various persons and centers have motivated to help them. We offer our gratitude to all of them. The children express by their own words about the victories they gained in this manner.

Various programmes have been reacted in order to increase the usage of ICT in Sri Lanka. Amid that eVillage project takes a main position. In Sri Lanka the eVillages that are reacted through the academic centers gives a massive service to both the school children and the rural community. About three hundred parents have completed their computer training normally. They have succeeded up to use the Internet. As well as about four hundred youths and about ninety five students from eight hundred students have completed an educational course of handling the computer. From the younger to the elder students has a possible to get information through the internet. About hundred and fifty students work as the leaders and holding their web blogs.

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Damahana is a rural village situated few miles away from the Balangoda town. Majority of the villagers are farming for their living. But their students are on a higher state of the education and the ICT. It depicts from the page “our victories”.
They get this improvement with few facilities. Specially there are only 20pcs for the use of the students and the rural community. If we can get increased the number of the PCs we will be able to uplift the students` talents that is our determination.
So we have established a programme to issue PCs for needy people in our village. Therefore I directly invite all to set with this project. If you avoid PCs from the offices or after your own usage, you can offer to our clever students.
If you can supply money for buying PC s, we have launched a program to deliver the computers for needy ones. Here, the person who wishes to buy one he/she has to spend half of the full amount. And the other half is paid by the donator. That is our computer issuing program. I kindly invite you all to help us.

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Written by Lasantha jayanath from oasisdamahana.
There are four main religions in the word. They are the Buddhism, the Christianity, the slams and the Hinduism. The teachings of all these religions are similar to a certain extent. Misdeeds are not approved by any religion.

Lord Buddha taught us about the value of humanity. If we observe the teachings of Lord Buddha we will never fall into trouble. Today there is a social segregation in our society. We are separated as Sinhalese, Tamil, and Muslim and so on. Some people think that they are superior to others and they are more powerful than others. This is the main reason that paved the way to the ongoing war in the North and East. We should always keep in mind that everybody likes to lead a happy and peaceful life. Everybody fears the death and torture.

Today there is a great competition among the people in our society. Most of the people do not pay any attention towards the development of their mind. They always try to earn money by some means. They do not have any leisure. But Lord Buddha taught us that “Contentment is bliss” we should always try to be content with what we get. Then only we will be able to lead a happy life. It is said that man is the cleverest animal. We should determine to follow the five precepts. We should not tell lies. We should not take to liquor. We should not kill animals. We should refrain from such sinful deeds.

According to the Buddhism taking revenge is a sinful deed. “Nahi verena verani” anger or hated or hated cannot be dispelled by anger” we should show kindness even to animals. We should always try to purify our thoughts. We should not try to escape from the problems. We should face them with courage. Today moral values are declining in our society. So the Lord Buddha’s teachings are very suitable to modern society that is plagued with various problems.


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Sureka got a great victory in 2008 also.

Her name is W.D.Sureka Dulanjale karunarathna .She lives at Ratnapura Ellukkumbura in Weligepola divisional Secretariat .Mother, father and two sisters in her family. Her mother”s name is Mrs, Chandrawathi and her father’s name is Mr. Krunarathna. Her sister’s name is W.D Inoka Shamali and other’s name is W.D Nayomi Nirmali. She has no brothers
She educated firstly R/ Sri Wimalawansa Vidyalaya. After grade nine class she entered Ratnapura Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya. Now she is learning at grade 13 Arts
In her young age she is clever both education and sports. she is the faster sportier in school for events 100 meters and 200 meters. Not only that, she won the championship for the inter Zonal educational sports.

Ceylon basically school Sport meet was started on 26th of September in 2008. It was held in Sugatadasa stadium in Colombo and was over on 30th of September.
The short distance athleter, W.D. Sureka Dulanjalee participated with it from Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya in Ratnapura district. She gained a glory to the area by getting the Gold medal for 200 m race and Bronze medal for 100 m race. In earlier years for these events she showed her talents. The instructors and announcers say that this time Dulanjalee could have brought her talents to the maximum level.

There is a great person behind her success who leads her up to the level of all is land .He is Mr.K.R.M.Ashoka Gunasekara our teacher of physical technology.


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Sri Sankhapala the Ancient Temple.

Sankhapala the historical ancient temple can be seen when we travel along the Rathnapura Embilipitiya road after passing 5k.m from the Pallebedda town towards Embilipitiya. The main entrance which we can see at the left hand side of the main road is the beginning to this site.

It is mentioned in legends that the king Dutugemunu fought against the king Elara with the help of his ten giants and defeated the king Elara and unified Sri Lanka. One of these ten giants was Phussadewa. The king appointed him to gather soldiers. He had used a conch for this. According to that since this place was named as Sankhapala.
The king had gifted this conch to Phussadewa after the war. And this conch has been hoarded in a high rock of this premises it is seen even today.
Any way, when Phussadewa saw the dying people because of the war he has thought of becoming a bhikku. Then Phussadewa has asked permission for becoming a bhikku and the king has built a temple and handed over it to Reverend Phussadewa. Later this Reverend Phussadewa meditated and enlightened.

This sacred place is always filled with as well as local and forign devotees. Today many people who newly bought vehicles come to this temple to make vow for their vehicles. Many Sinhala and Buddhist people believe that this historical temple gives protection to their lives and they regard this temple as sacred place.

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