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The Boy Scouts that fear no challenge


“The Scout, in his promise, undertakes to do his duty to his king and country only in the second place; his first duty is to God. It is with this idea before us and recognizing that God is the one Father of us all, that we Scouts count ourselves a brotherhood despite the difference among us of country, creed, or class. We realize that in addition to the interests of our particular country, there is a higher mission before us, namely the promotion of the Kingdom of God; That is, the rule of Peace and Goodwill on earth. In the Scouts each form of religion is respected and its active practice encouraged and through the spread of our brotherhood in all countries, we have the opportunity in developing the spirit of mutual good will and understanding.

This is a statement made by Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scout Movement.

Born in the United Kingdom in 1857, Lord Baden Powel joined the Army as a youth and fought in many internationally famous battles before starting the Scout Movement based on his experience gained from fighting in the wars.


As a young boy Powel enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking, boating and trekking. It is obvious that in later days Powel used this skill and experience to take the Scouting movement to children. A key feature of the scouting movement is to expose children to outdoor activities that provide them opportunities and challenges that help shape character.

Joining hands with the world scouting movement, the local chapter was set under the leadership of F. T. Stephens in 1912 at Christ the King College, Matale. Ever since, the movement has actively spread across the Island allowing large numbers of children to join it and earn themselves awards and accolades engaging in various activities at different levels. The Boy Scouts Movement in Sri Lanka functions as a well structured organization. In 1957 the movement received legal status under an act of parliament. The Sri Lanka Scouts Movement has three aspects to its formation, namely:

1. The Council

2. The Executive Council

3. General Matters

The most fascinating aspect of the scouting movement that had the attention of the children was ‘Camping’. Away from home and familiar surrounding the children are exposed to new challengers in new settings with children of same age. The experience gained in these formative years helps mould character and skill to face life with confidence in later years. Camping provides opportunities for scouts to develop self-confidence, courage, tactfulness, healthy living, thoughtfulness and self-confidence.

Students of Balangoda Damahana public school have been part of this movement for many years. The movement was introduced to our school by none other than the current District scout commissioner Mr. M. G. Abhayasiri when he was a teacher at this school. The movement was established in Damahana public school in 1978 with 32 children.

Ever since, the movement has progressed developing and expanding year after year. It has now become a key feature of the extra curricular activities of the school. Besides the Boy Scouts Movement, the Girl Guide Movement has also maid progress developing over the year.

Another key aspect of the Scouts Movement is the ‘service and co-operation week. Here, during each year a week is selected for the scouts to visit homes and institutions in the region. They would then carry out any tasks entrusted, for which they are compensated, the proceeds going to a fund. No doubt, the experience gained during this week of exposure helps the scouts in their own development.

The JOB Week is observed internationally and nationally at the same time.

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The eVillage concept – bringing technology to the village


The IT usage skills improvement project is foremost among these. A main aspect of this project is to encourage the use of the computer and internet during school hours as part of the teaching/ learning process.

Secondly, this project provides opportunities to members of the community to use these facilities and to access required information via computer and internet. This process has immensely contributed to the quality of life and social upliftment of the community.


In 2007, with initiatives taken jointly by the Presidential Secretariat and the IT Agency, the ‘Secondary Education Modernization Project’ (SEMP) was launched. R/Damahana MV with its connected village was selected as a pilot project for setting up the first e-village in the Sabaragamuwa Province.


A main objective of this project is to enhance the development process of the region by providing IT technology to the rural communities. Hence, the e-village centre was structured and designed to function as the information provider of the rural community. Consequently we have successfully utilized the R/Damahana MV IT learning Centre to provide vital and timely information required by the community thereby contributing immensely to the rural development process.

One such activity was to start a website that contained all the information and development activities taking place in the village. A regularly updated web-blog has also been designed for this purpose. The website is and the web-blog is . Besides, the community is given access to this centre to obtain any relevant information or training pertaining to IT.

However, when it comes to providing access to the community, state institutions are confronted with certain restrictions and limitations. For example, farmers and wage earners will only have the night time to make use of such a facility. Therefore, the need was strongly felt for setting up an independent centre providing easy access to community members.

The e-village project that commenced with R/Damahana MV as its focal point has by now developed to the point of being a service provider that brings together various sectors of the community enhancing rural development in the process. As the first step in this direction, a CBO by the name ‘Oasisdamahana Foundation’ was formed and registered under the Social Services Act No. 31 , 1980 of the Govt. of Sri Lanka. Our organization is now allowed to function as a social services organization registerd with the Balangoda Divisional Secretariat, bearing No. DSB/So/09/2009. This gives the organization a legal and professional status it otherwise lacked at a regional level.

In the immediate future the Foundation intends to implement a programme to improve the English language skills among members of the community. Plans are underway to provide IT training to the otherwise ignored Tamils living among the community.

The Foundation is also focused on setting up a BPO with the intention of improving and increasing the employment opportunities for the youth of the community.

A keen willingness has been shown by many within the community to provide necessary infrastructure facilities to implement these projects. However, further assistance is required to obtain necessary equipment and network support.

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Wood sculptures and handicrafts.


Sri Lanka is famous for handicrafts since very ancient times. Especially in the up country regions of Kandy and its surroundings. These talented craftsmen present many creations with wood.


The craft itself has been preserved and handed down through generations of tradition and skill. Working with timber to produce is also an art that has been mastered and refined with time. There are many groups or schools specializing in different aspects or styles of handicraft. At present, the traditional craftsman who inherited the art has been replaced by a new generation of those who show an aptitude and skill for the trade. It is evident that this new generation is giving new meaning and purpose to the trade through the display of their capabilities and talents. Often new generation craftsmen are innovative and creative unlike their traditional counterparts. “Ruk kalawa” or wood carving is the other form of wood creations closely related to handicrafts. It is generally the bark, trunk, branch or root of a fallen or perishing tree that provides the source for such creations.


Even a stump ready to be chopped off for firewood can become a new creation of art in the hands of a good craftsman. At times a ferocious animal, at other times a human figure or a venomous snake, are ways in which the artist brings to life a dead piece of wood. Mr.E.W.Siripala is a craftsman living in Kongastenna, not too far from Damahana, in Balangoda. A painter by profession, Mr. Siripala spends his past time carving figures out of wood. His house is filled up with such creations of his own.


What seems a piece of firewood provides the source for his creations. “As I see the piece of wood- the design is formed in my mind’ is how he describes it. ‘I, then begin to put the tools to work’ are his words.

Siripala has not received any training in this field but has developed a natural flair and skill for the craft. It is astonishing to see him working with knife, axe, and hammer to create figures of various sizes, shapes and form as birds, lions deer dogs and humans.
We wish him well and success with his creations

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Written by Lasantha jayanath from oasisdamahana.
There are four main religions in the word. They are the Buddhism, the Christianity, the slams and the Hinduism. The teachings of all these religions are similar to a certain extent. Misdeeds are not approved by any religion.

Lord Buddha taught us about the value of humanity. If we observe the teachings of Lord Buddha we will never fall into trouble. Today there is a social segregation in our society. We are separated as Sinhalese, Tamil, and Muslim and so on. Some people think that they are superior to others and they are more powerful than others. This is the main reason that paved the way to the ongoing war in the North and East. We should always keep in mind that everybody likes to lead a happy and peaceful life. Everybody fears the death and torture.

Today there is a great competition among the people in our society. Most of the people do not pay any attention towards the development of their mind. They always try to earn money by some means. They do not have any leisure. But Lord Buddha taught us that “Contentment is bliss” we should always try to be content with what we get. Then only we will be able to lead a happy life. It is said that man is the cleverest animal. We should determine to follow the five precepts. We should not tell lies. We should not take to liquor. We should not kill animals. We should refrain from such sinful deeds.

According to the Buddhism taking revenge is a sinful deed. “Nahi verena verani” anger or hated or hated cannot be dispelled by anger” we should show kindness even to animals. We should always try to purify our thoughts. We should not try to escape from the problems. We should face them with courage. Today moral values are declining in our society. So the Lord Buddha’s teachings are very suitable to modern society that is plagued with various problems.


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A better harvesting period of vegetables to Balangoda region.

The main incoming system of majority people in Balangoda is farming. Through it, vegetable cultivation takes a significant place. Here the farmers grow beans, tomatoes, lemma beans, string beans etc. They are the main vegetable crops which they grow.In every year August and September are the harvesting periods.
In this year, the farmers of this area could get a best harvest. But with this the farmers are failed to sell these productions. Mostly the higher production is caused for the lower rate. Especially for tomatoes is given a lower rate from the Colombo commercial centre. Because of that the farmers face for great difficulties. Therefore some farmers have neglected and stopped harvesting. Not only that, the more difficulties that the farmers face for…

The higher rate of seeds and fertilize.
Supplying water for the cultivation
Getting the labours to conduct the cultivation.
The attachment of diseases, insects and using insecticides for higher price.But amid of much trouble, the farmers were able to get a good harvest. Because of that as there is not a permanent rate, the farmers are failed to earn the money which they used to thrive it. Therefore less amount of farmers will motivate in the vegetable cultivation.

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A story

Reported By: Dulari Muhandiram

Once upon a time there lived a king who had clever jester in his court. As the king was a lover of with the jester became the Royal favourite.The king was so fond of the jester that he allowed him a great deal of liberty ,talking all his pranks and rude remarks as great jokes. Talking advantage of this the jester used to play tricks on the Minister in the court too. In fact he did not show any respect even for highest officials and became a perfect nuisance in the court. But none dared to complain against him because the king was so fond of him.
One day. However the jester went too far and in some way offended the king himself.’ Curse the fool’’ dried the king in great ‘fury’ ‘’How dare you behave so badly in our presence? for this lack of respect’ fool you shall die.
The jester begged for mercy and asked the king to forgive him. But the king was so furious that he refused to alter the sentence.’ I can extend no other mercy to you’’ said the king ‘except permitting you to choose what kind of death you wish to die. Decide at once, for the sentence must be carried out’
The clever jester once turned this concession to his advantage and saved his life by saying,’ I admire your kindness Your Majesty .I choose to die old age.

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We are proud of us

It’s a very important aspect of mentality that every body should have.
Humans are the only beings that have a brain to think.
The other beings also have the brain,but they can’t think to take decisions.

They use their brain only to fullfil hunger,thirst and they have feer feeling for a sleep and reproduction.
At times we have to face challenges.
When we face challenges we have to accept victory and loss both.
If we have the self reliance we can always.

Win and face the lose rarely.We can stand on our feet amidst one thousand and one problem
if we have the self reliance.,
So as student who are preparing to shoulder the burdens of the future lives,
we should inculcate in us,the valuable quality so called the self realince.

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Reported By: Lasantha jayanath

Social problems are prevailing in every developing country. In Sri Lanka too there are several such problems. The problem of street children is one of them.
Hundreds of street children can be seen in our populous cities like Colombo, Kandy and Kurunegala. Most of them are in the age group of 5-10 years. The number of street children is increasing day by day.
Why have they become street children? This situation has been arisen due to several factors prevailing in our society. Unemployment, parental death and illness and acute poverty are some of them. These factors have paved the way for these children to leave their homes in search of jobs.
It is said that parental love and affection is essential for both mental and physical development of a child. All these children have lost their parental love and affection. There is no one to look after them. So they roam here and there in the streets. The chief means of living of most of these children is begging. Some children are engaged in odd jobs like pushing carts, washing plates and scavenging. They earn a few rupees by doing such odd jobs. Most of these children compel to engage in illegal and anti-social activities. It has been revealed that certain affluent people employ these children in their illegal businesses such as selling drugs and illicit liquor.
There children have no permanent abode. They have no beautiful clothes to wear. They have no chance of receiving education. They have no comfortable beds to sleep. They sleep in a corner of a building or under the shade of a tree or somewhere in the street. They wear ragged clothes. They eat rubbish dumped in dust bins. They have been deprived of all the privileges enjoyed by the other children.
The government has set up a separate department called “The department of Probation and Child care” for the benefit of these children. But the government alone cannot solve this problem. There should be benefactors for them. The chances of enjoying the Child’s rights depend on the generosity of the more affluent. The social services organizations and other voluntary organizations should extend their co-operation towards the government to solve this problem.

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A folk tale is a story originating among the people and handed down by them. There are many folk tales in Sri Lanka. Here is one of them. This story is about the weaver bird.
Long ago, there was a skilled basket weaver. He was able to weave beautiful cane baskets. One day one of his friends came to his house and admired the beautiful baskets. Then he asked the weaver whether he could teach this craft to his son. Then the weaver gave the following reply.
“I can teach him how to weave, but he will have to help me in my work.” He agreed to that condition and after one week his son came to the weaver’s house and began to work with him. Everyday, the boy had to go to the jungle and bring back some cane. It was a very difficult task. But he did everything happily. Within a short time the boy learnt to weave beautiful baskets. He could work faster than the weaver.
The weaver was jealous of the boy. One night, the weaver killed the boy. God Sacra saw it. He was very angry. He disguised himself as an old man and came to the weaver’s house.
“Why did you kill that innocent boy?” he asked. The weaver thought for a while and decided to tell the truth.
“I was jealous of the boy. So I killed him” he said.
“You told me the truth. You will be able to weave beautifully, but I am going to change you into a bird” said God Sacra, The old weaver looked sad.
“You killed your friend’s son. Your enemies will try to harm your young ones. You will have to work hard to protect them” God Sacra said. At once, the weaver vanished. In his place there was a little brown bird. That bird is the weaver bird. It has to work hard to make its nest safe for its young ones. The entrance to the nest is at the bottom, so snakes cannot get into the nest. The weaver bird is able to protect its young ones.

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Written By:- Lasantha jayanath.

Drug menace has become a burning in Sri Lanka. The number of drug addicts is increasing day by day.

As described the Psychologists, drug addiction is a state of indiscriminate of herbs and herbal preparations, which enslaves the user to them. This is not something new in human society. What is new and alarming is the indiscriminate use of drugs on an unimaginably large scale which may be attributed to spiritual and religious value systems that kept man integrated as person and with his family and society.

Some of these drugs are Cannabis, heroin, brown sugar, cocaine, LSD and marijuana. It appears that the most widely used drug is heroin. Drug addiction is fast spreading in urban areas of our country. According to the Police reports 50% of all crimes in Sri Lanka are drug related. Dope peddlers earn a large sum of money through this business.

The drug addicts think only of their temporary satisfaction. They never realize its harmful effects. When a person takes drugs he abruptly becomes insane. He does not know who he is and what he is doing. He cannot identify even his own brothers and sisters. It is said that even school children are addicted to drugs. This is a very sad state of affairs. At present Counseling canters have been set up in several government hospitals to give free advice and treatment for drug addicts. Special programmers must be implemented throughout the country in order to make all keenly aware of the harmful effects of the drugs.

The government alone cannot solve this problem. All the social services organizations and voluntary organizations must extend their co-operation towards the government to eradicate the drug menace.

Smoking is also a baneful habit. It has been revealed that smoking is increasing in developing countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. Despite the anti-tobacco campaign worldwide, global consumption of tobacco grows rapidly. Rate of smoking among the youth too has been increased. The World Health Organization says that tobacco use is a communicated disease, communicated through advertising and sponsorship of mainly sports. Tobacco advertising directly or means of sports helps persuade non-smokers to start smoking and helps dissuade smoker from quitting. Tobacco companies spend hundreds of millions of dollar every year into sponsoring sports events worldwide. Many athletes, sports fans and spectators of sporting events are young people and it is those young whom the tobacco companies are targeting through sponsorship and advertising. This is a very sad state of affairs.

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