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Wood sculptures and handicrafts.


Sri Lanka is famous for handicrafts since very ancient times. Especially in the up country regions of Kandy and its surroundings. These talented craftsmen present many creations with wood.


The craft itself has been preserved and handed down through generations of tradition and skill. Working with timber to produce is also an art that has been mastered and refined with time. There are many groups or schools specializing in different aspects or styles of handicraft. At present, the traditional craftsman who inherited the art has been replaced by a new generation of those who show an aptitude and skill for the trade. It is evident that this new generation is giving new meaning and purpose to the trade through the display of their capabilities and talents. Often new generation craftsmen are innovative and creative unlike their traditional counterparts. “Ruk kalawa” or wood carving is the other form of wood creations closely related to handicrafts. It is generally the bark, trunk, branch or root of a fallen or perishing tree that provides the source for such creations.


Even a stump ready to be chopped off for firewood can become a new creation of art in the hands of a good craftsman. At times a ferocious animal, at other times a human figure or a venomous snake, are ways in which the artist brings to life a dead piece of wood. Mr.E.W.Siripala is a craftsman living in Kongastenna, not too far from Damahana, in Balangoda. A painter by profession, Mr. Siripala spends his past time carving figures out of wood. His house is filled up with such creations of his own.


What seems a piece of firewood provides the source for his creations. “As I see the piece of wood- the design is formed in my mind’ is how he describes it. ‘I, then begin to put the tools to work’ are his words.

Siripala has not received any training in this field but has developed a natural flair and skill for the craft. It is astonishing to see him working with knife, axe, and hammer to create figures of various sizes, shapes and form as birds, lions deer dogs and humans.
We wish him well and success with his creations

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Reported by: Lasantha Jayanath
Hundreds of beggars, both young and old, can be seen in our populour cities like Colombo, kandy and kurunegala. Thousands of  other beggars go from house to house in rural areas.

 They have taken to begging as they do not have homes any means of living and also as they do not have homes of their own. This situation has been arisen due to various factors prevailing in our society. Poverty, parental death and illness, loss of parental love and affection and loss of love and affection of their children are some of them. The number of beggars is increasing day by day.

 Most of the beggars are not disabled. Most of them are able bodied. They can earn money by doing some sort of work. But they beg because they are lazy. They think that begging is the easiest way of living.

 Sometimes, beggars become a nuisance to tourists. They drag after the tourists grumbling until they are given something.

 Beggars wear ragged clothes. Even children in the age group of
5 – 10 years can be seen begging. This is a very sad state of affairs. Most of these children have lost their parental love and affection. According to the Police, most of these children become criminals at the end.

 During the past few years several camps were established by the government for beggars. But they do nit like to live in these camps. So most of them have escaped from these camps.

 They walk under the scorching sun. they get wet in the rain. But these things do not affect their health.

 It is the bounden duty of the government to look into this burning problem and take steps to wipe out beggary. This can be done by setting up special homes for beggars. The government alone cannot solve this problem. All the social service associations and other voluntary organizations should extend their co – operation towards the government in this connection. Children who are engaged in begging should be schooled and taught a trade or vocation. The able bodied must be provided with some sort of employment. Laws should be passed to ban begging.

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