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Let’s see how the names of villagers were formed in our area

Reported by:- Wasana Nilmini

               It is believed that Kottimbulwala cave was one of the important places of King Walagamba’s being hidden in this place he has built many stupas and temples and also some arts.
The place where sand was taken to build those buildings is called “Weligepola.”
               The Pillow which is kept for our Lord Buddha’s  head is made of “imbul.”  So people call it “Kottimbulwala.”
              It is believed that King Walagamba’s kingdom was situated there at Handagiriya. To enter this kingdom there are four hotes. They are Panamura, Imbulamura, and Molamure.
You could enter this kingdom if only you take those four areas. Because theirs area is consisted of mountains , rocks and slopes.It is stated that tooth relic was taken to this area and has been kept in a safety place at Handagiriya. The villagers still believe it.

            There is a huge rock called “Pollamura.” That rock is called Hawarigala. For that also there are very interesting and historical stories.
One day King Walagamba and his queen Soma went for bathing and had a rest on that rock. She left for palace. On the way to  palace she remembered her “hawari” and it was kept on that rock. The place where the “hawari” is kept  called “Hawarigala.”
           At the door step of cave, a temple was built by queen Soma. The main feature of the Buddha statue here is Lord buddha’s head has been directed to the west.
The legend says  that there is a tunnel from  Lendara to Kottimbulwala. The main entrance to Kottimbulwala is called “Lendara.”
               The place where King Walagamba had his battle is called “Hatanpola.” Later it become “Hatangala.” It is also mentioned in our legendry.


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Vesak is the most important festival

Vesak is the most important festival observed by Buddhist all over the world.
It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of prince Siddhartha and his enlightment and passing away.
On the Vesak day millions of Buddhist in the world observe various
religious practices. Prince Siddhartha was born at Lumbini park in the city of Kimbulwath
in early days in India. His parents were king Suddhodana and queen Mahamaya.
He attended Buddhahood at Buddhagaya. In this year the Vesak poya day fell on 19th of May. So , the Srilankan
Govermant had request to celebrate a Vesak week. In order to that, our school principal organized some useful programs.
On the first day we decorated the school and houses. We decorated the Shrine with tissue streamers and the statue of lord Buddha. The Buddhist flags were raised.
We made Vesak lanterns. So our school was lighted with Vesak decaration.
We decorated not only school but also our homes and temples with Vesak decorations during
this week.

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A new project to increase English Education

The Damahana Maha Vidyalaya in Rathnapura district of the Sabaragamuva province of Sri Lanka,
 is being rapidly developed in every section to help students’ education.  Hence, the English educational section of the school felt the need for an English Activity Room.
They decided that this was very essential to develop the students’ English language skills. Accordingly, it was decided to that point they could build a EAR room with the help of the parents and
well-wishes and the school staff on 24th of march in 2008.
                      Many types of activities and aids are put on the wall so as to help the English Learner to read and do the activities in their free time. Nevertheless, the English teachers come to this place and doing the lessons.
The English learners are like very much to reach this place and engage in lessons we see by moment by
moment the English progressing programme among every person

group of students engaged in an English Activity

The students are putting new activity for learners

The teachers are conducting an activity.

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Hortan Thenna

Hortan thenna is one of the interesting places which is situated in Sri Lanka.
It is in the district of ‘Nuwara Eliya’ of Central province. Any visitors can
reach this place along a crooket road from the Ohiya railway station .Besides
 this road many finas trees have been grown by the people .                                             
This area in covered with the mist. With in half one hour any one can reach
Horton Thenna.The lord of the forest is level and taller tress can be seen.
There are two beautiful waterfalls named by Chimini Ella and Backors Ella.
With the golden colour of the fally water and the sweet should of the Backors
 waterfall is bright the area ,Chimini Ella is close to have.
The most beautiful and interesting places in Horton Thenna is the World
End ‘small and big World End’. The World End spreads toward southern.
This southern Horton thenna is high about 350 and spreads to Balangoda area.

Scene is very terrific .Any way the slop at this places is very interesting.
There are tress and bushes covered the land. Not only that can be seen endemic
 plants and fertile soil .There fore the plants .So many tourists come here to
watch its beauty

Written by Dulari Harshika

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Village for solders at Galgoda

Their are 17 numbers of families living in this village and it is situated at Balangoda
 Pradesiya sabha division. The above Pradeshiya Shaba division distributed some
crown lands for some selected disabled solders.
 Tue total number of elected solders for the village is 24 nos. some hawses are completed
and other are under construction. This village is now calls ‘upload Ranaviru village’
 The main problem for this village is lock of water. Currently due to lock of water the
construction work of some house are stopped.
 The electricity supply for the village is yet to be done. The aceen road for the village
is now under construction. This village is situated on a beautiful mountaintop.

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Gem Industry in Sri Lanka

There is a wide variety of gems in Sri Lanka. Out of those the
followers gems one considered as major varieties.
Blue Saphire
Red Saphire
Yellow Saphire
Cat’s eye
Blue Saphire
It is a very dark blue glossy gem. It is found easily in Ratnapura
area. Some of them are very high in value. Gem merchants buy them at
 various prices depending on the size.
Red Saphire
It is a very colorful bright gem. Hatton and Bagawanthalawa are
famous places for them. There fore land value in this area has gone
up in price. Local merchants as well as foreign buyers travel to this
area to buy gems.

Yellow Saphire
This variety of gems is mostly found in Balangoda, Aluthnuwara,
Diyawinna and Okkamptiya areas. Specially in Aluthnuware area mining
land value is very high as most of the gems found in them are yellow

Cat’s eye
 This variety is different from the other gems. There is a shiners
line moving from side to side. This is a very high priced gem and
it is found in the Ratnapura area.


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Water in all its forms, icebergs, snowflakes, oceans, lakes and rivers has a fascination of its own.
But none can surpass the awesome beauty of a waterfall.

There are about sixteen principal waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Of these Bambarakanda waterfall is the highest,
 with a height of about 240 metros. Dunhinda, which is perhaps the best known of all the waterfalls, gets
its name from the smoke spray it creates as its water falls into the rock pool below. Hence the names
 Dunhinda, Dunhinda, Ravana Ella, Diyaluma all have strange legends, which explain how they got their names.
According to legend this is how Diyaluma, which literally means skein of water, got its name. A prince
flees from his enemies. He is accompanied by his princess. As they run they come to a huge rock. The prince
climbs up the rock with difficulty and throws down a vine for his princess to climb up. The princess catches
hold of the vine and the prince begins to haul her up. But half way up the rock the vine gets entangled in a rock
crevice and hangs between the top of the rock and the ground below. The princess dies. The deity of the forest
 sees this and makes the girl immortal by turning her into a slim skein of water. That is how Diyaluma got its name.
Bopath Ella is another watefall well known for its beauty of formation. In this, the water falls gracefully in the
shape of a ‘bo’ leaf.
Waterfalls are not just pretty things. They have majesty of their own. They are delights of nature to be experienced
 and felt, not just seen only.

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Water pitch which Beautiful Damahana village

There is a nice and beautiful water pitch in our village. Damahana double the beach and naturist natural beauty.


 It is a nice scene and a rare picturesque because its natural location. This is a natural natures divine Gift to our village. Because it is made on a stone rock naturally. The wonder is the water  
which collect to this pitch come from the roots of trees which grown alone the stone.
                        The roots of the trees pour and drip water pond and even in dry seasons you find water hence.
This water has unbearable cool and it’s really a marvelous. Lot of birds, wild animals, Wild baur, Mongoose, Rabbits, Gallus lafayetti, Galloperdix bicalcarata,Centropus chlororynchos,Jungle fowl, and some other creatures come to drink this water to sustain their thirst.
                 Not only for animals but also we too can drink this cold water for our thirst. This water is pure. During the rainy season this water pitch is over flow with rainy water and it doubles the beauty at this place. The village Damahana is full fill with lot of there fury of beautiful things.

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