A new project to increase English Education

The Damahana Maha Vidyalaya in Rathnapura district of the Sabaragamuva province of Sri Lanka,
 is being rapidly developed in every section to help students’ education.  Hence, the English educational section of the school felt the need for an English Activity Room.
They decided that this was very essential to develop the students’ English language skills. Accordingly, it was decided to that point they could build a EAR room with the help of the parents and
well-wishes and the school staff on 24th of march in 2008.
                      Many types of activities and aids are put on the wall so as to help the English Learner to read and do the activities in their free time. Nevertheless, the English teachers come to this place and doing the lessons.
The English learners are like very much to reach this place and engage in lessons we see by moment by
moment the English progressing programme among every person

group of students engaged in an English Activity

The students are putting new activity for learners

The teachers are conducting an activity.

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