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New PCs for Oasisdamahana foundation

Oasisdamahana IT foundation is being held in Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya. The Foundation has the five brand new computers which were offered by “Education for knowledge society” (EKSP) project to make easier the activities further. These PCs have operating system MS Vista and also have LCD Monitors.
Therefore the students in oasisdamahana foundation are able to use the latest technology with these PCs. Now the students are lucky to have this chance.
Therefore Oasisdamahana IT foundation would like to offer the gratitude and a lot of thanks to Project director and EKSP project.

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The student of oasisdamahana IT Foundation.

Lasantha Jayantha Peellawaththais is a senior student of the Oasis Damahana foundation. Upon entry to the foundation he quickly learnt and acquired basic ICT knowledge. As a result of his studies, he quickly gained the confidence and experience to handle many important tasks, such as using various software applications to help with his projects day-to-day in addition to learning how to use the internet effectively. In 2008 he entered and came 8th in a software competition held in the Sabaragamuva province. An ICT scholarship soon followed, enabling him to continue his further studies. He then received a charitable donation to purchase a
PC. Along with a financial contribution made by his father, Lasantha was able to acquire a brand new computer, allowing him to develop his skills and maintain his new blog.

A developing interest in the areas of video editing and animation motivated Lasantha to build on his knowledge and explore his new interests further. With continued family support, he was able to continue his education whilst using his entrepreneurial skills to borrow a video camera from a relative and offer an editing
service service to people in the local area. Currently, he earns Rs 8,000 – Rs 12,000 per month from covering weddings and other important functions.

Excitingly, Lasantha has even more plans for the future. He is already working on an idea to start a centre called “Jayanath Video” and we can’t wait to see how this develops.

As a student of the Oasis Damahana foundation we couldn’t be happier for Lasantha. His story is a wonderful inspiration for others and demonstrates that dedication and hard work can lead to many great things in one’s life. We would like to thank everyone for their kind donations and support in helping the students of the Oasis
Damahana foundation, without your continued help and assistance stories like Lasantha’s would not be possible.

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