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Venarable Abidaja Maharattaguru Balangoda Ananada Maithriya Thero


Venerable Balangoda Ananda Maithriya Thero The Most Venerable Aggamaha Panditha, Abidajada Maharattaguru Balangoda Ananda Maithriya Thero was born at Bulathgama in Balangoda . Since the day he became a novice monk. He was dedicated and enthusiastic to study the Profound Philosophy of Buddhism. While he was living at Balangoda Udumulla Nandaramaya as a scholar he spent much time studying various Languages and obtaining a clear and deep understanding of the Philosophy of the Lord Buddha. He was fluent in 18 Languages, as a result he was honored with the title ‘Aggamaha Panditha’ by the government of Burma.(Myanmar) He not only dedicated his whole life to the enlistment of the shasana worldwide the service he rendered to his hometown is also unforgettable. He was the pioneer in establishing some schools such as Balangoda Buddha Jayanthi Vidyalaya and The Balangoda National School which was the most essential requirement of the students at that time. His service to the improvement of religious and educational fields was greatly appreciated  Vice Chancellor of the Vidyalankara University and was the profounder of Nalanda College In recognition of his profound knowledge of the great Philosophy of the Buddha and the service rendered for the enlistment of the Buddha Susana he was honoured,with the title ‘Abidajada Maha Rattaguru’  

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About our school

sch.jpgThe village leaders’ eyes were turned to Damahana village in 1949 and to develop it and to improve the nation’s children’s knowledge and the morals of them.
Ven. Panana Wimalawansa Thero and some of village chiefs took the leadership to this useful task.

They all decided to build a school in this area a few miles away from the Balangoda town.


Overcoming all the difficulties, a chief of this village, W. A. Punchimahaththaya contributed a plot of land to build a school.Today a lot of splendid buildings at this school but on February 24 in 1949 it was commenced in a temporary building under a cadjan roof. It was born like that but at present it is not only for Damahana pupils but also it is useful to the children of the suburb villages and now it is passing its 57th year.

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Provincial Productivity Award-2006

Staff with the award

Our School R/Damahana M.V. Was Awarded By the Certificate of Special Commendation in the School Sector 1 [School Up To A/L] At the Provincial Productivity Award-2006

pricippal.jpgSabaragamuwa. On 04 October 2007 Conducted By The National Productivity Secretariat Ministry of Labours Relation and Manpower

Provincial Productivity Award- 2006


This victory is a effort Of the Principal, Tutorial Staff, Student and Parents.

Honorable W.D.J.Seneviratne Minister Of Power And Energy Send A Greeting Message To Giving Worm Complement. So We, Principal And Staff And Student Thank To Honorable Minister To Appreciate Us.

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The Damahana Temple : A place of serenity and solitude

Wimalabuddhi Monk

Damahana, is a place known to have produced thousands of devout monks. Even the name ‘Damahana’ brings to fore a meaning depicting the temple and a monk. The temple has its origin in ‘Kottimulwela Watte’, a land adjacent to the present location of the temple. Ruins of a Bodhiya, a Shrine, and a temple are still evident on this property.
Today the Temple stands in the midst of the Damahana village, 6 kilo meters from Balangoda town, on the way to Weligepola, facing the main road. In 1950 the temple was given its name Sri Jinendraramaya. The Sri Muchalindraramaya temple of Mahawalatenna is the headquarters of the Damahana temple. It belongs to the Rassagala sector of the Amarapura Siridamma Chapter.

The first prelate of the temple was Chief Sanga Nayake Helapalle Kirimatitenna Wimalawanse Thero followed by Rev. Atawakwela Ariyawanse. Accordingly many priests belonging to the Mahawelatenna tradition served at this temple. 

The incumbent chief priest is Rev. Balangoda Wimalabuddhi Thero. He has worked hard to develop the temple to bring it to its present standards. As a result of his meritorious efforts the temple now has a new Shrine, a Bell tower and a fleet of steps leading to the main entrance. The preaching (bana) hall is currently being renovated.

The Sri Jinendraramaya Daham pasala (Sunday school) stands out as an epitome of spiritual wellbeing for the people of Damahana.

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