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Duwili Elle


Duwili Elle, which is a marvelous creation of nature, cascades from a height of about 63 feet. It is located about 4 k. m. from Balangoda at Tanjantenna a little to the inferior.
 This magnificent waterfall, which is a creation of the Walawe River cascades, down a rock during the rainy season and is known as Punchi Duwili Elle. The water, which flows down from about 30 m below, is called Maha Duwili Elle. The flow of water forms a wonderful creation.
 Duwili Elle breaks up into two and coming down forms a pool of water below, the depth or size of which none have found out 50 far. From there the Walawe River flows up to the kaltota dam. The dust like drops of water emanating from the spray is the origin of the name Duwili Elle. For, ‘duwili’ in the sinhala language is dust. This waterfall and its natural beauty is a paradise, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

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Sureka Dulanjale karunarathna


Her name is W.D.Sureka Dulanjale karunarathna .She lives at ellukkumbura in Weligepola divisional
secretariat .Mother,father and two sisters in her familly. her mother is Mrs,Chandrawathi and her father
is Mr.Krunarathna.Her sister’s name is w.d. inoka shamali and other’s name is w.d nayomi nirmali.she
has no brothers

she educated firstly R/sri Wimalawansa Vidyalaya up to nine class After that she educates cleverly
R/Damahana maha vidyalaya up to this moment in grade 13 Arts section.
      In her young age she is clever both education and sports. she is the faster sporter  in school for
events 100 metres and 200 metres Not only that, she won the champian for the inter gonel sports.
          Any way she won the second olace for  xxxiii national sports festival in 2007 which Organised
by the ministry of sports In sabaragamuwa provincal sports she won the third place of hundred
metres ending 1.34 seconds by her 
                 In addition she has got many victories from team games such as volleyball and Elle 
        there is a great person behind her success who leads her up to the level of  all is land .He is non
other than Mr.R.M. Ashoka gunasekara our teacher of physical technology. 

Repoted By :-  Upali Lalith
                           R/ Damahana M.V


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  There  are  a  lot  of  mountains  in  the  world.   The  highest  mountain
 in  the  world  is  Everest.  The  wightst  mountain  in  sri  lanka  is  piduruthalagala.
  It  is  about    2758 meters  high.  Samanala  higiral  pottha.   Bambarakanda  are  some
  of  the  mountains  in  sri  lanka.  Samanala  kanda  is  secret  mountain.  It  is  very
  famous  among  Buddhist  at  the  sometime  there  are  mountain  ranges  in  sri  lanka
  In  hill  country  a  lot  of   mountain  ranges    at  the  top  of  the  mountain  in 
Beragala.  We  can   see  a  beautiful  sceneries.  There  is  a  range  of  mountain 
around  our  village.

Presented By:- Thrindu Lakshan
                R/ Damahana M.V.

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Sinharaja Forest

      The local name of the sinharaja forest is sinharaja Adaviya which means the forest
of the lion’s king. The legend tells us this vast forest was once a kingdom of the lions. This forest situated in the
south western section of Island.
                          Sinharaja is a tropical rain forest considerable size of Sri Lanka it is about 9000 hectares in extent.
                   Sinharaja forest contains many rivers and streams it is also contains    large humbler of plants us
for Ayurvedic medicine it is also home of the many rare birds, animals and insects found nowhere else of the
world in addition 60% trees of the forest are endemic to Sri Lanka of the forest.
             Sinharaja forest eagerly protected   by Government there for no one cut down trees or destroys the
forest this is truly a national treasure.
             Written by Sepalika udayangi
                                 R/Damahana Maha Vidyalaya

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Located in Hatton, Lakshapana fall    which in 126  Metres  in  height,  springs  from  Maskeliya  Oya , a River  which  begins  its  journey  from  Adam’s  peak or  ‘Mt.Samanala. ‘According  to  Sinhalese  folklore, Maskeliya  Oya  Originates  at  the  ‘lndikatupaana,  on The top of Adam’s peak.                                 There are two theories as how the  Water fall  got  its  name.  One is that  since it  cascades Over a vast  number  of  rocks, it  was  called. ‘Laksha’ Which  means  a  hundred  thous  and  Pahana  which  Means rock.                                 The  second  theory  is  that  the  name  Lakshapana  was  derived  from  ‘Lassana  pahana’  which Means Beautiful Lamp.                                  Today, Lakshapana  falls  lives  up  to  its  name  with  regard  to  the  second  theory  because  it  Powers  Sri  Lanka’s  first  hydro  power  plant,  generating  electricity  and  thereby  providing  light  to  over  a  hundred  t housand  homes.     Written by:-  M.E Dileeka chandani                                                                                            

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Landslide and Mahawalathnna old road.

  This area calls Galgoda village. There is a Jungle ad
going to this village. In the middle of Jungle on top of the
mount an there is a natural tank. The water source for the tank
is rain. After rainy season there will be water in the tank for
around 06 months.

 The landslide occurred in the mount an sliding a huge man


 of soil and rock bolder and distroy the connecting road of Galgoda
and Mahawalathnna. This occurred in the year of 1948 the damage wan
 limited only to road and some paddy land and no any detu was
recorded. This wans mainly due to less number of houses and people
in than auea during tnat time. The noted Placer in Mahawalathnna
were the temple and old house of Ms. Sirimao Bandaranayaka 
(first women priminister of the world.)


 The main reason for this landslide is named to be the tank
on top of the mount an it cawed leakage of water trough loosened
soil strata’s in the mountain this become worse with the highst
recorded rain for around 20 years.   

The slide is still visible and some photos one linked hereto.
 The derbies of slide still can be seen.

 I learnt this story from Mr. B.V. Dayarathna and his wife
Mrs. T.S. Dingirimanike who wane Living near this village in that era.

presented by :- Lasantha Jayanath Peellawaththa
My Address   :- Galgoda, Mahawalathnna, Balangoda
    E- mail  :-
Tel                  :- 060-2466699


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Let’s see the talents and competencies of Tharindu



                Tharindu Udayanga

         K.V.Tharindu Udayanga Premarathna who is a students at R/Damahana M.V.
         He studies in Grade 13 Art section.His father is Mr.K.V.Premarathna
         and mother is Mrs.H.W.Pushpa Ranjani. He has two sisters. They are
         K.V.Gagani Premarathna in grade 9 and K.V.Nayani Udeshika in grade 6.
         He studied up to grade 6 at R/Mahawalathenna Vidyalaya and came to
         thin school to learn Music. He leant Music and a subject and learn to
         play “Tabla” as a musical instrument.


         He has won many awards through
         his talents.He won the 1st place in All Island Music and Drama
         (Zonal Level) competition under “Tabla” playing in 2003 and 2004.
         And the also won the 3rd place in All Island Music and Drama
        (Province Level) competition under “Tabla” playing in 2003and 2004. 
          He has completed his Diploma in music from Bhathkhande Sangeeth
         Vidyapith in Laknow in 2006.He is eagerly getting ready to sit for
        the A/L examination in the year 2008.In addition to that he acts on a
        vise prefect of his school. His e-mail address is
        His ambition is to be a good musician one day. We wish him for a fruitful
        future through courage and effort overcoming all the difficulties.

         presented by: Wasana Nilmini
                               R/ Damahana M.V

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Lets See the talent of- Uvindu Madubhashana at R/Damahana Maha Vidyalaya.

Uvindu Madubhashna With his achievements 

W.M.M.G. Uvinda Madubhashana Alagoda is a brightest student in our school among the other students. He was born on 24th September. 1995. His mother is a graduate teacher. She  is  working in our school. His father is a gem merchant. Uvindu is studying in grade 7 and he is 12 years old. He lives at sandagnagama village in Balangoda electorate. He has a sister.
He is excellent not only education. But also in  curricular activities. In 2006 he won the first place for singing ‘poems’ padya sinhala &  for reading sinhala.

The annual Buddhist association Bhakkigeetha which competition was held in Balangoda in 2006, He was the main character of the stage Drama ‘Dawlowa yama’ He won the 1st place.
In 2007 he won the lst place for singing poems in sinhala (padya gayana) which was held on provincial lewel. Again in the same year he won the 3rd place for same activity on all island level.
His future ambition is to be a Sergeant. Not only that he hope to be an actor. We will wish him a good luck.
 presented by:  W.M.  Dulari Harshika

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