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Landslide and Mahawalathnna old road.

  This area calls Galgoda village. There is a Jungle ad
going to this village. In the middle of Jungle on top of the
mount an there is a natural tank. The water source for the tank
is rain. After rainy season there will be water in the tank for
around 06 months.

 The landslide occurred in the mount an sliding a huge man


 of soil and rock bolder and distroy the connecting road of Galgoda
and Mahawalathnna. This occurred in the year of 1948 the damage wan
 limited only to road and some paddy land and no any detu was
recorded. This wans mainly due to less number of houses and people
in than auea during tnat time. The noted Placer in Mahawalathnna
were the temple and old house of Ms. Sirimao Bandaranayaka 
(first women priminister of the world.)


 The main reason for this landslide is named to be the tank
on top of the mount an it cawed leakage of water trough loosened
soil strata’s in the mountain this become worse with the highst
recorded rain for around 20 years.   

The slide is still visible and some photos one linked hereto.
 The derbies of slide still can be seen.

 I learnt this story from Mr. B.V. Dayarathna and his wife
Mrs. T.S. Dingirimanike who wane Living near this village in that era.

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