Intel Teach

Today IT and ICT have become a vital part of our life. In a nut shell, IT is the main Key to open the Global world. We therefore say that it is impossible to live in this world. So as to adapt to this modern era and the millennium, we should have a wide range of knowledge and experience, which enables us to click into inventions, innovations and modernizations. IT gives us rapid, reliable and accurate solutions. Consequently, we must be familiar with ICT and live in it. Now ICT and IT are our shared partners in every system or unit.

To establish ICT in Sri Lankan schools today many steps have been made so far. Under SEMP project, what have been given to the government schools is immense and ample. The government has optimistically donated CLC centres and has given IT training to fifty percent of teachers from the government sector. Today CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) has also been introduced in schools to teach other subjects. Internet, which is the fastest communication media in this world, has been given to schools to fly to other countries without a flight.

In August 2006 a well equipped computer center was received to Damahana Maha vidyalaya in Rathnapura District. This computer center was setup with the assistance provided by the Asian Development Bank, through the Secondary Educational Modernization Project (SEMP). The unit consists of twenty computers with all its accessories. After setting up of this unit the school has made vast strides in the sphere of education in general. With the use of these computers and Internet, students are able to access vital and relevant information pertaining to their general education. In school hours we use these computers as part of our normal teaching and learning process. Besides, it serves as a useful tool to source information.

During extra classes held during after-school hours students are thought how to use computers for internet exploration, English language education, and special online courses. The students have their own website and are encouraged to maintain their own blogs. As a result, now, about 180 children are blog writers.

As an appreciation of all the good work done so far, the ministry allocated 20 Intel classmate PCs to Damahana maha vidyalaya donated by Intel co-operation.
With these laptops we also received wireless internet facilities. This is the fast e-village introduced to the Sabaragamuwa Province. With the addition facility the area surrounding Damahana Maha Vidyalaya has access to WIFI technology.

intel4 intel6 intel1
The teachers who are training in the moment

Mr. Sepala Kuruppuarachchi(Provincial Manager of SEMP Sabaragamuwa) in the Training programme.


Mr. Alapathe IT co-odinater in Balangoda education Zone.

Mrs. Tilini Hettiarachchi (Intel Teach) conducting the training programme.

The Principal Mr. B. Somasiri of  Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya.

Mr. K.M.W. Bandara of Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya.

Now in the world, the most common issue is INTEL TEACH Programme, which is currently in progressive in many parts of the world. In Sri Lanka Intel Teach was launched after a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in October 2006 in between Ministry of Education, Government of Sri Lanka and Intel EM Ltd – Sri Lanka Liaison Office. Through this MoU, Intel has offered Ministry of Education the services at no cost a teacher professional development program specifically designed for Sri Lanka.

We were very happy about the exertion made by INTEL EM Ltd to bring this programme to Sabaragamuwa Province. Ratnapura Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya, which is the one and the only e-village school in Sabaragamuwa and is located about 7km away from Balangoda city.
The 3rd Intel Teach Batch in Sabaragamuwa province, with 24 teachers from 13 school in Balangoda zone have trained form 25th june 2009 to 02rd july 2009 in Rathnapura Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya.

A.M. Fazi (Centre Manager, CLC, R/ Hindu College, Balangoda). Said

“I was very happy about the exertion made by INTEL EM Ltd to bring this programme to Sabaragamuwa Province. I also attended the ‘Intel Teach workshop’, which is currently engaged at Ratnapura Balangoda Damahana Maha Vidyalaya, which is the one and the only e-village school in Sabaragamuwa and is located about 7km away from Balangoda city. When I entered the school premises first, what I saw was unbelievable and amazing. Students were seen carrying class mate PCs looked mini laptops, which have been donated by Intel. I found differences and uniqueness in methodology and everything.

The Resource person appointed by Intel Teach Programme, Mrs. Thilini Hettiarachchi was also exceptionally talented and performed her duty well in a pleasant and friendly way aiming at focusing the PBS (Project Based Learning).

I am very confident that I can make changes in their attitudes by what I got as experience through this effective workshop.”

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